Posted by: littlegirlyone | March 9, 2007

wet part II

** a continuation of the previous landlord fantasy. i still haven’t had a lot of time to write, so it’s still not done. but i hope to wrap it up by the end of the weekend. i have lots of other stuff to share. anyway, enjoy! lg**

I stood, then, shaking in the thighs a little. The look on his face was pure control, all powerful and calm, but arrogant, pleased. A mix of emotions flooded me. Wanting to please, wanting to run, wanting to bury my face in his strong shoulders, wanting to bite his clavicle as it sculpted out from his tan arms. I stood, unable to meet his gaze for longer than a second, eyes watery from having gagged repeatedly on his thick cock, thick saliva glistening on my chin. Humiliated. And wet, throbbing actually. I could feel the well of my desire threatening to descend down the insides of my thighs, and as my cunt throbbed, muscles clenching in their own rhythm of wanting, I felt the slight trickle sliding down the inside of my left leg, and I blushed every shade of pink in the cheeks. Noticing this, he asked me, “what were you thinking just now?” I couldn’t answer, wouldn’t, and looked down quickly. With my eyes on the floor, I didn’t see his strong hands reaching, and only noticed when I felt his hands, buried and pulling, in the roots of my hair.

“Ow, ow,” and a sharp intake of breath was all I got out, as he lead me by the hair across the room. Then he pushed me against the wall, still holding my hair in one hand, while grabbing rope off a shelf with the other. I felt the soft arcs of rope wrapping around my wrists, and a tight stretch in my sides as they were raised, pulled through a hook in the wall I hadn’t noticed before. Then, he released my hair, and kicked my legs apart. I squeezed my eyes shut, knowing what was coming.

“What is this? You loved gagging on my cock, didn’t you baby? You love being a little cock slut, huh? Do you? Tell me, baby, do you love it? Does it make your little girl’s pussy dripping wet like this?” His fingers tracing the insides of my thighs where I’d been spilling secret adoration. I could smell me, warm, familiar, and sweet, and blushed at the thought that he could smell me, too. Standing there, behind me, his hand two inches from my dripping wet pussy, I could feel the warmth of him against my naked back, and I shook from head to toe. He grabbed my hair again, tilting my head back hard, and shoved his fingers, wet with me, into my waiting mouth, Fucking me, telling me what a dirty little girl I was, and how much trouble I was going to get into, and how much I’d given away already.

Then, he pushed my head back toward the wall, and I swung a little, tugging my weight against the ropes that bound my wrists above my head, as he kicked my feet wider apart. I felt his hot breath behind me, warm on my ass. And then, I felt his tongue, sweeping over the creamiest part of my pussy. Just briefly. Just enough to make my knees buckle with desire. “If you want to cum, little girl, you are going to have to do a lot more than a little blow job. You are going to have to give me everything I ask for. Everything. And then, if you please me, I might just let you cum on my cock. You would like that, wouldn’t you, little girlslut? I know you would like it, your warm little pussy clenching, your clit quivering, and your little girl hole stuffed with my cock? Would you like that, little one? Tell me.”

“I – uhmmm- oh, oh, oh I – yes.”

“Yes what, little slut?”

Yes, please?” I guessed.

“No, what are you asking me for, little slut?”

“Oh,” I blushed, and felt immediately grateful to have my faced smashed against a wall. “Oh, I – um. I want that. What you said.”

“That’s not good enough, baby. Say it for me. Tell me what you want to do. Tell me what you’ll do to get it. Don’t be scared. You don’t even have to look at me when you say it. Just tell me. Use your words.”

“I want to cum.”


“And – um, I want, I mean, I will do anything you want if you will let me cum.”


“And I want your cock. In me. Inside. I want to cum on it.”

“I felt his hand on my ass, then. Warm, rubbing. “Good girl. You are a very good little girl, and just for being so good, you will get your wish.” And with that, he loosened the knot on the hook, allowing my hands some slack, as the dropped from above my head. Then, with a quick movement, he pushed me forward, his hand hot on the back of my neck. I bent all the way forward, then. I could see him between my legs, upside down, his hard, thick, gorgeous cock behind me. I saw him step closer, then felt him, there, at the warm entrance to my cunt. I wanted to push myself back, impale myself on his hot, hard shaft, but his hand was pressing hard into the back of my neck, immobilizing me. I felt him waiting, teasing. Right at the beginning of me, and then, I felt him push. He felt huge, pressing my pussy out on all sides, my wetness lubricating what would have been an otherwise impossible entrance. I felt so tight, like I’d never been fucked before, and the sensation of him, filing me, holding me in place, was overwhelming. He fucked me then. Hard. Relentless. He hit the back of my cunt with his cock, making me gasp as he pressed into me, making me moan and beg and chant, “ohhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” under my breath. Finally, he pulled out completely, and I wanted to cry.

“You are going to let me fuck your ass now, little girl.” No, I thought.

“No.” I said.

“Yes, you are. You want me to, I know it. You are going to sit your thick, round little hot ass down on my cock, RIGHT NOW. And I am going to watch you as you fuck your ass on my cock. Then, if you’re a good girl, I will let you cum, with my cock buried in your ass.” I didn’t want to, but the way he said it, the words, were unmistakeably hot.


  1. hi, i came upon your blog as a result of reading persephones. I particularly liked your last few lines. I hate the thought of having my arse fucked, BUT when i am told it is going to happen it excites me as much as it scares me.I am really interested to read more of this blog and to undestand the daddy dynamics

  2. Part two was just as good if not better than part one. I especially love the part where he makes you say what you want him to do to you. That is one thing I find so hard to do. My Daddy made a rule if I won’t beg for it I can’t have it, needless to say it was a very long week. Something about having to come to terms with what I want and say it out loud is terribly embarrassing for me and arousing. I think you may be in my head or something.

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