Posted by: littlegirlyone | March 11, 2007

On being a little girl

in response to kate’s comment, i’ve decided it’s probably about time i explained, or analyzed, why i like to be a little girl and what i think of when i call my lover my Daddy. this is an old fantasy, as i explained in my first post, and it’s one that is hard wired for me. however, like most little girl submissives that i’ve read about, this fantasy has nothing to do with incest, or my real father (except maybe in minor psychological ways – my dad worked a lot, so i craved his attention, so i developed a thing for older men, etc.). but the bottom line is, when i call John “Daddy,” i am not thinking at ALL about my dad.

so what is the turn on? well, i think i am coming closer to understanding it. much of D/s (at least, in my experience) is psychological. that is, the psychological stimuli of our interaction is as important, if not more important, than the physical stimuli. i don’t usually get aroused when i read “incest” stories on sites like Literotica, unless they are written in a very specific way. i don’t like stories about “real” Daddies and their little girls, I don’t really like it when they talk about making babies, or some of the other typical incest scenarios. i especially don’t like Mommy, brother or sister fantasies. i’ve come to the conclusion that i like specific characteristics of the Daddy/little girl relationship: concern, patronizing, humiliation, embarrassment. etc. the Daddy word is like icing on the cake. but the fantasy is ultimately about my true self, and feeling safe, accepted, and able to be that way in my sexuality.

let me explain. in most of my public life, i am a smart, educated, confident, full-on woman. but there is a side to me that very few people get to see, mostly because this side is weaker, meeker, submissive, silly and probably age-inappropriate. yet, this is what i feel is really my ‘true’ self. and i only get to act like this around the house with Mark (who loves me despite my immaturity, sometimes) or by myself, or in Daddy/little girl roleplay. this interaction fulfills me on more than just a sexual level. it is about letting my guard down, and being myself, hopefully with someone who enjoys that kind of thing, and who feels attracted to the woman-child that i am naturally.

my fantasy Daddy, would be caring, controlling and patronizing. i would be the center of his universe, as much as he would be the center of mine. but of course, he would have to control this (i don’t think i want to top him by being a brat. i think i want genuine control from him, but i want it mixed with caring, concern). i would like a LOT more interaction than i get right now, from John, and a lot more discipline, and consequences for my misbehavior. i would like rules and instructions, i would love demands. basically, i think of it as a sort of mushy D/s dynamic. i wouldn’t want to be treated like a slave (or at least, how i imagine a Master treats their slave as i have no experience and am basically assuming what that relationship is like). what i mean is, i wouldn’t want to be treated coldly, with indifference. i would like to be treated like a prized sexual possession, a treat, a favorite plaything. when i put it like that, it doesn’t sound that different from lots of other caring D/s relationships. i just happen to enjoy calling my lovers Daddy, and i get excited when i’m called any variation of little girl. that’s not that weird, is it?


  1. “For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t, no explanation is possible.” I too have tried to put into words my need for a Daddy, but for me that quote just sums it up. My Daddy is often times very busy and we don’t live in the same state, so my D/s Experience is very psychological is and less physical. It’s all about how he talks to me, his concern for how I’m doing, the excitement I feel when he calls me his precious little girl or I call him Daddy, that all mixed with patronizing, humiliation and a little embarrassment sends me into a little girl high. I live for him to give me tasks and rules to follow, but its hard when its a long distance thing. So a few questions (Sorry I ask so many but I’m just so excited to find someone who is in the same boat as me) How do you get disciplined since it is long distance, What type of rules do you and John already have in place? How does Mark fit in? I know from Meg’s blog her partner is often times present and he and andrew also have some sort of agreement so I was wondering if Mark and John have done the same? Last question I promise does your Daddy read your blog? Keep writing because I love reading you blog, and sorry for the really really long comment to you post.

  2. i agree that your relationship doesn’t seem different than most D/s relationships that i have read about. when i see someone using the name “daddy,” i generally assume that there will be some age regression present in their relationship, but i haven’t noticed too much of that in your blog. most of my associations with having a daddy have not been present in your blog– you haven’t talked about being spanked or really babied in any way. you HAVE talked about pouting a little bit and about being patronized, those are the other two things that i think of. and you do lots of big-girl things like giving blowjobs and the like. i always thought of a daddy dynamic as less sexual. when i really feel like a little girl with my owners, the overtly sexual is not mentioned at all.then again, all of the things that i just described as being part of “daddy” dynamic are things that i get in my relationship, but i don’t call my owner “daddy.” so i guess it is semantics in some ways. we do acknowledge that he is kind of a parental figure to me, and that taking care of me is great practice for him for when my owners are ready to have kids. i think the parental thing is present in some ways in most D/s relationships so it is really very direct to just use the terminology.i liked this post. i’d like to read more about how your little-girlness expresses itself with john. i liked gw’s questions too. 🙂

  3. until i read megs blog, and then linked to yours and others, i had never realised how often my Dom calls me little girl. And i had never realised how much i like it when he does. There are 15 years between us and we have only ever done any age type thing once but the way he looks after me is very parental as opposed to the Master/slave type thing. From reading it seems to be a common theme that subs look to their Doms/owners/daddys for love and reassurance, coupled with a sound spanking for misdeameanors. I am not sure where i am going with this except to say i would never call him daddy but i think of him as a stern and loving parent. ok, now i have waffled on i will just go back to reading lol

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