Posted by: littlegirlyone | March 25, 2007

wet part III (sorta)

i have been wondering why i’ve been having such a hard time finishing this story. the answer came last night, as i was drifting off to sleep: i am embarrassed. i know that is silly, this is an anonymous blog, and you already know what’s coming. but for some reason, writing about anal sex is more of a humiliation than i can inflict on myself right now. i am going to let it go for now (sorry!). maybe i will be able to come back to it at a later date (i am shocked to realize that i have embarrassment around this topic, since it’s something i actually enjoy in real life).

so, after John finished his landlord fantasy, he told me to take myself home and make myself cum. and i nearly ran out of the coffeeshop.

at home, i threw my clothes off in a hurry. i turned to look at myself in the mirror, standing in just my panties. i really enjoy looking at myself naked when i’m turned on; i don’t feel judgmental, i just feel erotic. when i’m in the right mood, my body excites me. i have shapely breasts, and full hips with a round little booty that stands out from the curve of my back. i liked the way my panties emphasized the curve from my waist to my hips. i thought about how John loves my shape, how he pushes my face into the mattress when we’re together, and admires my ass, running his hands over my curves while making a low, growly sound that gives me shivers. looking at myself, i started to get excited, and run my hands down my waist, over my hips, in between my thighs. i teased myself, enjoying my own hands and the way i looked kneeling on the bed in front of the mirror. i was so ready, i could feel my clit throbbing.

i peeled my panties off slowly, enjoying the feel of them moving down my legs toward the floor. i grabbed my favorite toy – a little buzzing rabbit on a harness, that has a remote control. it’s like the rabbit part of ‘The Rabbit,’ without the shaft, and i love the feeling of it strapped up against my pussy, buzzing mercilessly. it almost feels like i’m not the one doing it, even though i set all the vibrations with the remote. i snuggled under the covers then, lying on my back. i pulled my knees back toward me, and thought about John, and the way he makes me hold my legs back and apart while he fucks me. i hit the on button, and immediately moaned, arching my back as the wonderful little pink bunny moved over my clit, pressing myself forward against the sheets. getting wetter and wetter, i could feel my girl cum sliding down the crack of my ass, and the sensation of warm, lubricating wetness back there started my knees trembling in my hands.

i dropped my knees, and snapped my rabbit away from my clit. i talked myself out of cumming, calming myself down, talking myself back from the edge. i enjoy doing this to myself, it’s like self-imposed orgasm denial (for a short period of time, i am not at all sure i would enjoy it if someone else did it for a longer time). once i felt it was safe, i released the buzzing rabbit, allowing it to press against my clit again. i practiced breathing deeply, enjoying the sensation of my excitement, and my own control over my climax. i knew what else i wanted, but i also knew that once i indulged myself, i would cum. i built myself up, and walked myself back from the edge a couple more times, until i was practically writhing on the bed with frustration.

i grabbed my little purple butt plug. it’s laughably small, but it doesn’t take much back there for me to get excited. i rubbed the tip of it around in my dripping wetness, and pressed it firmly inside. my knees were quivering again, the muscles in my inner thighs were clenching and releasing, almost spasming. my bottoms of my feet were almost painful, arching away from the mattress. i was practically pressing my ass off the bed in a backbend as i felt myself start to tip. i usually cum making noise, and this time was no exception.

“oh, oh, oh,” i chanted, “oh, oh, oh, oh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

i made myself cum until it was uncomfortable to feel the vibrations any more, then i switched off the rabbit remote. i lay there on my back, eyes closed, drifting slowly toward a nap. it was an excellent ending.


  1. holy crap… see, you are really a big girl. you’re a very big girl, you’re practically womanly! wow. i am really impressed by how well you know your body and how much awareness you have of your sexual response. and of course how well you express it. i sometimes bring myself to the edge and then stop and start over too– but i don’t push myself as far as you do (because sometimes it will cause me to be unable to reach the eventual climax if i push too far).and about orgasm denial… what you described sounds a lot like being tortured by my owner in person over orgasm, but NOTHING like actual denial. i was willing myself not to get turned on by this so that i wouldn’t yank my hair out with frustration. :)seventeen days now, and counting…

  2. i am totally a big girl when it comes to sex, that is true. afterall, i’ve been playing with myself for 18 years, so i have a lot of practice. i’m so sorry if this was hard to read. i have been getting turned on by my own writing lately, and it makes it hard to get through a post without stopping to masturbate, and then losing all my are an orgasm queen, i hope i’m not making it worse for you. stay strong!

  3. HOT!!!!!!!!!

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