Posted by: littlegirlyone | April 1, 2007

bound and blinded

i am lying on my back, my hands bound behind me by the wrists. my eyes are covered with a thick piece of black cloth. there is music, softly playing from John’s iPod player. i am completely disoriented, deprived of my sight. i can hear rustling sometimes, when he moves around the room. other times it is silent, only music. i cannot anticipate what is going to happen, i can only lay there, waiting for him to do something, anything.

i smell it before i feel it, the candle has been blown out. i brace myself for what i think is coming. hot, then almost before i can react, cool. hot, on my breasts, on my nipples, running down the sides of my stomach, drying and cooling as quickly as it moves. wax. this is the first time anyone has ever done something like this to me. i recall dipping my fingers in the wax of blown-out candles as a child, making little tips on my fingers, and peeling them back. this is different though in so many ways. i cannot see when he might drip the wax, or where it might fall. i cannot peel it off. it was a sensual feeling, the heat and the cooling. i was surprised that i liked it, even as i squeaked out when the wax hit my delicate skin, my breasts, nipples, stomach, thighs, shoulders.

then, without warning, he is gone. lost again, silence of the music. no rustling to orient me. no sound. the bed moves underneath me, i imagine he is sitting on it somewhere to the left. John’s hands, warm and large, run up my thighs.

“Open your legs, little one.”

i do. His hands again, there in the center. in the wet.

“Don’t move”

i don’t. he touches me there, on the little button of my clit, slippery with me. then suddenly, warm. warm. his hands are rubbing me in circles and the friction makes it warm, warmer. soon i realize there is something on his hands. it starts to burn, too hot. too warm.

“hot,” i whimper.

i hear him chuckle, low. “awww, is the little pussy getting too hot, little one?”

i dare not complain, but it is getting uncomfortable. too warm. i shift my hips a bit, his fingers feel like little torches now, running in circles around my hot little throbbing clit. it feels good, it burns. i am confused. i want it to cool, but i also don’t want him to stop.

“warm little wet pussy. too hot for you, little one? tell Daddy.”

i gasp in answer, as his thick finger slides inside me. i grip him in pleasure, lifting my ass off the bed.

SMACK. hard on my wet little warm pussy. SMACK.

“I said don’t move. Hold your knees open like a good little whore, baby.”

i do. i feel him, close. then i feel him inside me. full, pushing.

‘Mmmmm,” i moan. He fucks me as i hold myself open for him. he fucks me like a doll, pounding into me. using me for his cock’s pleasure.

“such a good little cock toy,” he mutters. “you like when Daddy uses you like this, don’t you little one? You like being fucked like a little whore, like Daddy’s little fuck doll?”

“mmmmmm. yes. mmmmmmmm” i moan in reply. the heat, the pounding. the vision i have of myself, tied, holding my legs as wide as i can. blindfolded. fucking him.

he leans forward.

“open your mouth, little slut.” i do. i feel his face come closer, and then he spits something cold, fizzy into my mouth. “swallow.” he commands. it is champagne. he presses my hips down with his weight. i plant my feet wide, pressing my knees apart with my thigh muscles. he pulls out. leans over me.

“Open again.” i half expect another sip of champagne, but what hits my mouth is thicker, warmer. he shoots around my mouth, landing on my cheek, sliding toward my hair, on my lips. i stick my tongue out, lapping for it.

“little cum slut. look at you, licking up your Daddy’s cum like a little cock whore.”

I blush and moan. My pussy quivers. the humiliation of his observation runs through me, quaking in my belly and turning me on even more. soon i know i will have to beg him for my orgasm, i know i won’t be able to wait for long.


  1. yum… post more posts like this, the kind that show us what it’s like between you and daddy. this is fodder for fantasy. šŸ™‚

  2. yes more like this please. i adore wax, i adore being tied and blindfolded and i love to read about it

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