Posted by: littlegirlyone | April 6, 2007

anal girl

John was my first anal sex experience. before we met, i dreamed about it, alot. i even had a little purple butt plug (and i do mean little, it’s about as big as a finger). i used to play with myself back there when i wanted to cum really hard (like i did here). i also bought these anal beads with mark once, and had sex with them in my ass (which feels amazing btw). the problem with those was, to put it delicately, removing them, and the ensuing messiness. it wasn’t a huge problem, but even a little bit of mess is enough to make me feel freaked out and embarassed. i am sure that embarassment was one of the factors that kept me from pursuing my anal fantasies for a long time after.

John knew what my ass looked like long before he saw my face. he found me on an alternative website, and my profile picture was of my ass in a pair of super cute blue panties with a cutout, and a little bow. i have a bubble booty, round and full. i’ve always kinda liked it, even though it has made finding jeans a much harder process than it should be. John winked at me a few times before sending me a message, and we exchanged a number of emails before i was comfortable sending him a face pic. so for about a month, all he had to look at was this picture of my ass.

as it turned out, that was just fine with him. John likes booty. in fact, he likes mine a whole lot. when he meets me, he almost always spends some time behind me, staring, feeling, spanking, stroking, admiring . . . i never really thought that it would be so arousing to lie with my face pressed into the mattress and my knees curled beneath me while someone stood behind me and played with my ass. but oh, how i look forward to this now!

after the first time he took my ass (which is a great story, and i will try to write it up soon), i worried again about the mess problem. it hadn’t come up the first time because, well, i actually don’t know why. my guess (and this is a wild guess) is that he, being more experienced in this kind of sex, knew not to push in too deep, or risk losing me in embarassment for a long time. i don’t know, maybe it was just luck.

anyway, i was so worried about the mess, it was keeping me from enjoying something i fantasized about. i was now determined to get rid of this fear. i knew basically what i needed to do, but i turned to the internet as a source for inspiration and fantasy.

it turned out, there are a whole lot of people who enjoy enemas. not only enjoy, fantasize, write about, take pics and make movies of, and fictionalize enemas. this is why i love the internet: here i am feeling embarassed and totally insecure about trying something, and the internet reminds me that no matter what i try, there will always be people out there doing way more extreme stuff, AND enjoying it!

one of the things i found was a little quicktime movie of one of my favorite porn stars, belladonna, giving an enema instructional. (i tried to link it for you, but you have to be a member to watch it, now. when i saw it, it was free.) anyway, she was so natural, and straightforward about it, and it didn’t seem scary or weird at all. plus, she used an enema bottle, which i found way less threatening than a traditional red bag and tube set. and she gave some good advice, like ‘dump out the fluid that comes in the bottle, and refill it with warm tap water,’ and ‘keep repeating until the water comes out clear,’ and ‘use lube if you need some,’ and also showed some different positions for administering one.

by the time i was done watching that video, i felt ready to try one. i waited until a sunday afternoon when i was going to be all by myself at home. i walked to the rite aid. i sucessfully located the “fleet” section. but i could not bring myself to pick one up for a long time. i stood in the aisle, trying to act like i was intersted in cold medicine, or something, but the whole time i had my eye on the little green boxes of disposable enema bottles. it probably took me a half an hour to work up the guts to grab the box, and turn toward the register. the whole time, my mind was telling me that everyone would know what a huge anal slut i was (and i wasn’t even really an anal slut) because of my purchase. mortifyingly, the only checker was a guy in his early 20’s. i thought i might die there on the spot, but couldn’t decide what was worse, having him ring me up for an enema while i blushed every shade of pink, or turning and walking away from him with an enema in my hand. i finally just put one foot in front of the other, and made it to the line. he took my 2.00 without comment, but i thought i saw a sly smile. i nearly ran out the front door.

at home, i discovered that the humiliation of buying the enema had my panties completely soaked. i peeled them off, placed a fluffy towel down on the bathroom floor, and emptied the fluid into the sink, filling the bottle with warm tap, just like belladonna suggested. i bent my knees moved my thighs apart, and pressed my face down into the towel while i reached back and slowly pushed the tip of the enema bottle inside me. i sat like that, breathing. i was starting to enjoy the fantasy of Daddy, behind me, slippping the bottle in and telling me what a good little girl i was for taking it. i squeezed, pleasantly surprised at how nice it felt, the warm water. i touched my kitty with my other finger, and moaned into the towel when i felt how wet i was, with my hard, round my clit pressed against my finger. i was shocked by how much i was enjoying it. i lay there, with my ass in the air, and one hand on my clit, and concentrated on the fantasy until i felt ready to go. then i used the toilet, and repeated. each time i did it, i felt more and more submissive, and also more and more turned on. by the time i got ‘clear water’ i was so excited that i ran to the bedroom and whipped out the big guns: my buzzy little remote control rabbit and the anal beads. i wanted to know just how clear it was, and the anal beads were the best indicator.

i took my time inserting them, working my way from the littlest ones at the tip, to the bigger ones down by the end. i encouraged myself to be a good girl, to take all of them, dreaming all the while of Daddy saying these things to me. when i was stuffed, my clit felt like a hard, little, hot wet button. i flipped the rabbit remote on, and almost climaxed instantly. i worked myself back from it, snapping the buzzy rabbit as far away from my hard little clit as i could get it. when i felt ready, i released the rabbit to press against me while i twisted the handle and slowly, carefully, started pulling the beads out of my ass. as each one popped out, my boddy shuddered and came. it took a while, to get to that last one, the one i was most afraid of. my back was soaked with sweat, my clit felt like it was on fire and couldn’t take anymore cumming or buzzing, and my thighs were trembling uncontrollably. slowly, and with great caution, i slipped the last one out my my clenching ass. to my pure excitement and amazement, the beads were clean, not a spot of mess in sight.

i came one last time, tossed the beads on the floor, clicked the rabbit off, and fell asleep smiling.


  1. something about the end of this story made me laugh! maybe because of all the tension that i felt through the whole thing, and then the way it ended so cutely and lightly. i haven’t tried enema myself, and i never really saw the appeal before i read this entry. ever thought about telling daddy about the fantasy?

  2. you desrcribed my thoughts on the whole anal thing so completely. I am a nurse so i find the whole mess thing quite repulsive as i administer enemas regularly with no sexual connataion whatsoever. However, i love anal sex BUT the fear is still there. Maybe i will see if i can purchase one here in UK and have a go. At the moment i use laxatives in the days preceding a visit. thanks for this post, i found it really helpfulkatie xxx

  3. Wow! I’s like your inside my head, seriously! I have yet to try this myself, but I have been thinking about it SO much lately. It’s sooo good to know that someone “real” has tried this and it’s worked! Do you happen to have a link or a picture of which brand/type of enema you used?

    • I’ve mostly used the Fleet brand disposable enemas. My daddy bought these weird aloe vera ones once, they were supposed to be more natural, but I found that the quality of the back flushing valve and the bottle were lower than the old fashioned plastic Fleets.

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