Posted by: littlegirlyone | April 13, 2007

Dirty Thoughts

in response to persephone’s question on my ‘anal girl’ post, i actually did share my little enema fantasy with Daddy. much in the way i share many of my desires with him, it came in the form of a story. i wrote this back in november, i think. i remember that after i sent it to him, i was frozen in fear and embarassment and felt very exposed. since reading the story, daddy has made multiple threats to actually carry my fantasy out. this fantasy is one of those that is almost too intense for me to imagine actually going through with, but the idea of being ‘made to’ is too hot for words.

without further ado, i give you my confession of this fantasy, in unedited story-form.


Dirty Thoughts

I have exams coming up very soon, and I’m trying to study hard. I make flash cards from my outlines, and quiz myself on the answers to memorize the information. This is what I am doing while waiting for Daddy. I am so concentrated on studying, I barely hear the knock at the door, and when I do, I know I am in trouble. I had instructions! I forgot to follow them because I was studying and now there’s no time because he’s here. There’s nothing I can do about it, so I set down my flash cards and run to the door, opening it rather sheepishly, hiding a bit.

The most obvious infraction is that I am still in my clothes. I am supposed to answer the door in my panties and kneesocks, nothing more, nothing less. But I am still in my school clothes, and Daddy immediately raises his eyebrows at me.

Didn’t I tell you to answer the door wearing panties and kneesocks? He asks as the door closes behind him. I want to sink into the floor and die, I am so mad at myself for messing up.

I’m sorry, Daddy, I start, I was studying for my exams and I forgot what time it was and I ran out of time and I-

Answer the question, little girl. Did I tell you to answer the door in your panties?

Swallowing. Yes.

And what are you wearing?

Quietly: jeans. School clothes. I’m so sorry-

Yes, he says. I know you are, but you will be even sorrier when I’m done with you, little one.

Gulp. I’m scared, but also, I’m curious, and a bit excited to see what my punishment will be. Daddy has never punished me before because I am usually very good. I really messed up, but I’m actually sort of looking forward to seeing his disciplinary side.

He goes across the room and grabs the desk chair, places it in the center of the room, and sits.

Come here, baby, he says. I go to him.

Stand in front of me, he says. I do. He is looking at me very sternly.

When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it. I expect you to follow my instructions exactly. That is your job, to do as I say, isn’t it little girl?

Yes. And I-

No, baby. Until I tell you to, you may only speak to answer my questions, and only with a yes daddy or a no daddy, understand?

Yes, Daddy.

And you will show me how sorry you are by doing everything I tell you to immediately and without hesitation, alright?

Yes, Daddy.

Show me what you are wearing. He commands. Turn slowly.

I start to turn around. When I halfway around, with my back to Daddy, he stops me. I can feel his eyes on my back, or specifically, on the way my jeans hug my ass. They are good jeans, I know. I hope he’s pleased.

Now, you are going to strip for me, baby. I want you to listen, I will tell you what to take off and when. Move slowly, and follow my instructions exactly. Do you understand me?

Yes, Daddy.

Good girl. First, I want you to unbutton your jeans, and very, very slowly slide them over your hips.

I do this, slowly. The jeans are tight, they tug at my panties on their way down, pulling them halfway off my ass. Right as my jeans go below the curve of my butt, with my panties halfway off, he says, Stop. I move to fix my panties, to pull them up properly, and he says, Leave them. I drop my hands to my sides.

Bend forward for me baby, he says. Show me your ass, little girl.

I lean forward, and push my ass back toward Daddy. I press my hands into my knees for balance. I stand like this for what feels like a long time, when I feel his hands touching me. Pulling my panties back up for me. Good girl, he says. And then he’s rubbing me through my panties. It feels nice.

Whose ass is this? Daddy asks.

Yours, Daddy.

Good girl, he says. And he gives me a smack. Your t-shirt is coming off next, he says. And I want you to stand up and turn to face me first. Then take your t-shirt off very slowly and show me your bra filled with your perfect tits.

I turn back to face Daddy. My face is burning. I hate taking my clothes off slow like this, it embarrasses me, and he knows it.

Look at me while you take off your shirt, baby, he tells me. I raise my eyes. Then, I grab the bottom of my t-shirt and begin to slide it up my stomach with one hand. When I hit my bra, I lift my arms and begin to work it off my shoulders and up over my head As I lift my arms to pull it off, he stops me. I freeze with my arms above my head, wrapped in my t-shirt which is only covering my wrists at this point. He makes me wait again, looking him in the eye, blushing.

Finally, he says Ok, take the shirt off. And I throw it to the ground and drop my arms to my sides.

Time for your spanking, little girl, he says with a little smile. You may cry and tell me you’re sorry.

He pats his lap, and I bend over it, resting my hands on the floor on the other side of the chair, holding my legs out straight and together, pushing my ass up over his knee. This is a love-hate position. I feel his hands pushing my jeans down around my knees, and then without any further ado: SMACK.


SMACK! Smack. Smack. Smack! He spanks me firmly, alternating cheeks. And then, he stops and I feel him tug my panties down to my knees with my jeans. He spanks me harder, making me jump, give little cries, and finally, I start to cry.

I’m sorry Daddy, I cry. I am so sorry for being bad. He stops, then pushes me back onto my knees, sliding back over his lap to kneel at his side, and cry on his thigh. He strokes my hair while I calm down, and lectures me about the importance of being obedient, and following the rules and instructions he gives me. I stop crying and nod, looking up at him. I am so sorry.

I have a special punishment for you tonight, he announces. I thought my punishment was over! I sit up a little at this. Go to the corner, Daddy says, and face the wall and think about being more obedient for Daddy, and about showing him what a good girl you are.

I start to stand, and Daddy reminds me: crawl to the corner, and leave your panties and your jeans around your knees, little girl.

I do.

Facing the corner, my bare ass warm and red, and my pants and panties around my knees, I am even sorrier. I hear Daddy rustling around with something, then I hear water running and the sound of something being filled up. Then Daddy is behind me, telling me to stand up and take my jeans and panties off. This leaves me in my bra.

Did you remember your kneesocks, little girl?


Go get them for me. Lay on the bed, on your back. I hand daddy my white kneesocks and I lay as he told me. Point your foot, he says, and he slides the sock up my leg, puling it firmly to the knee, then bends my leg at the knee, and places it flat on the bed, then repeats the process with my other leg.

I am laying on the bed with my knees bent up, and pressed together because I have no panties on, only kneesocks and a bra. Daddy is standing at my feet, looking down at me.

Open your legs, he tells me. I push my knees apart some. More, he says. Show me my little girl’s pussy. Blushing, I push my knees farther apart, until I can’t push them any farther apart. I feel the air on my pussy as it opens.

Put your finger in your pussy, Daddy says. Squeeze it with your pussy, and feel how hot and tight it gets. Now pull your finger our and show it to Daddy. He looks at my finger.

You’re very wet, aren’t you little one?

Yes, Daddy.

Your little pussy likes it when I make you strip for me and when I spank your ass?

Yes, Daddy.

And when I make you spread your legs, and touch your pussy?

Yes, Daddy.

Oh, baby very soon Daddy is going to put his big cock where your finger was. And he wants you to squeeze his cock like you did to your finger, ok? Now, baby, roll over and lay on your stomach for your special punishment. Take your bra off and pull your knees under your chest, but keep your face on the bed. In this position, I wait. When Daddy comes back, he runs his hands over my bare, red ass.

You know Daddy loves this ass, don’t you baby?

Yes, Daddy.

Then I feel the cold, plastic tip sliding around back there. Oh no, I think. Daddy, what is that? I ask, but I already know the answer.

It’s an enema bottle, baby. I filled it with water, and now I’m going to watch you take it in your bad little girl ass. This is your punishment for disobeying me, but it will also be a reward later on when Daddy fucks you in your hot, tight, clean little ass, you will not have to worry about anything, ok?

No, Daddy. I don’t want you to do that! I will do it myself, I protest.

Baby, this is a punishment. I will give it to you and you will hold it till I say you can go. Then, you can use the bathroom by yourself. It won’t be so bad, and it will teach you a good lesson about obedience. Next time, if you follow all my instructions, you will be allowed to do this alone. But since you were a very disobedient little girl, you have to take it from me right now. And with that, Daddy pushes the little tip up and into my ass, making me squirm. Then he squeezes the bottle, and I feel all the warm water filling me up inside. Then he pulls the tip out and tells me to hold it. At first, this is easy, but after a little while, I want to go. I ask if I can get up yet, and Daddy sits next to me on the bed, and rubs my back and my ass and tells me to wait. I sigh, and squeeze my ass tighter.

Daddy puts his finger in my pussy. You’re wet, he says.

Yes, Daddy.

You like this little punishment, don’t you baby?

Yes, Daddy.

Squeeze Daddy’s finger in your pussy, baby, then you can go. I squeeze with all my might, then Daddy takes his finger out of my pussy. Stand up, he says. Open your mouth. And he pushes his finger wet from my pussy in there, and I suck it all clean.

Good girl, he says, now you can go. And he gives me a smack on the ass as I run to the bathroom.

When I come out from the bathroom, all clean everywhere, Daddy tells me my punishment is over for tonight. I jump up on the bed next to him with excitement.

Daddy is laying on the bed. I straddle him and kiss him and thank him for being such a good Daddy, and tell him I’m sorry for being a naughty girl. You are forgiven for that, he says. Don’t worry about it anymore. I tell him that I want to make him feel so good, and I tug at his belt loops, looking down there where his cock is. He knows what I want. I look up at him, begging with my eyes.

What do you want baby?

You know . . .

Be a big girl, baby. Tell Daddy what you want.

I want . . . I point at Daddy’s pants.

Tell me, big girl words and don’t make me ask again, he warns.

I want your cock, Daddy.


In my mouth, please.

Good girl. You may have it.

That’s all the permission I need. I jump up and unbuckle Daddy’s pants, pulling them down and off, pulling all his clothes off in my excitement to get him in me. Finally, when everything is off, I kneel in between his knees on the floor and start to lick the big round heard with my little pink tongue. Working quickly, I get he whole shaft wet with my spit and lick the tip where Daddy’s precum starts to come out. I work down his big, long thick shaft, and pretty soon I am pushing him all the way to the back of my mouth and down into my throat. I swallow him for as long as I can, then pull him out and start again, loving the feeling of Daddy in my mouth, filling up my throat, making me gag a little at the back.

Daddy? Can we try something I’ve never done before? I ask. I can’t believe I am asking for this, I have dreamed about it, but always been too afraid to try or ask anyone.

What is it, little one?

Well, I lay with my head back over the edge of the bed, and you can fuck your big cock down my throat like that because my throat is supposed to be straight. I always wanted to try it. I blush.

Daddy smiles. You always wanted to try it?

I nod.

You’ve never tried that before?

I shake my head.

Well, since you asked me so nicely, I will let you try it out. But I am going to fuck your little throat if I can, and I want you to do everything you can to let me, ok?

I nod, eagerly, and flip on my back on the bed, hanging my head off the edge. Daddy’s cock goes straight down my throat. Easy. I can’t believe how easy. And no gagging as it slides past the back of my wet mouth and down my tight little throat.

Open your legs, little one. Show me your pink little pussy again.

I feel Daddy touching my kitty. I am so wet from sucking his cock that I’m dripping. When Daddy touches my little clit, it makes me want to cum. My throat all filled with his cock, and my pussy wrapped tight around his finger and my clit just jumping to be touched. Oh, god. I want to cum, while Daddy fucks my throat and I moan and hum all over his big cock.

Do you like that, little one?

Yes Daddy.

You will cum for me, with my cock in your pretty little mouth?

Yes Daddy. He tells me to get wetter, as if that’s possible, and I do. I feel myself running down my pussy and onto my ass and then bed, making a wet spot. Getting wetter. I feel Daddy’s finger press inside me, up on my g-spot, making me feel all melty and then he says: Cum for me baby, and he presses me hard and pushes his cock all the way down my throat and I feel myself go. I cum with a mouth full of my Daddy. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and tells me to sit up and clean off his hand. I lick all of my hot little girl cum off his fingers with a smile.

You like to taste your cum, don’t you, baby?

Yes Daddy.

Tell me.

Blushing. I like to lick my cum off your hands, Daddy.

Would you like to lick Daddy’s cum?

Mmmmm. Yes, Daddy.

Would you like Daddy to fuck you now, baby?

Mmm. Yes.

Tell me.

Please fuck my wet little girl pussy, Daddy.

Good girl. Ok. Get on your back and spread your legs for Daddy. I do this, and as I open my legs, I beg, Fuck me, please. Please, Daddy. And I feel his hard cock sliding in, filling me up, pushing all the way to the back and stretching me as I open my eyes wide and squeeze his cock with my pussy. He smiles. Tells me I’m a good girl.

Ohhhh, Daddy, I sigh. He fucks me so good.


  1. i can not believe no one has commented on this. That was so erotic it had me squirming on my seat. I loved every bit of it. Even the enema bit and that normally puts me off but i loved the way he said “you wouldnt have to worry any more”. I think that is my biggest fear of anal sex, that i will make a mess. I wish i had read this post before i answered your other one as it gives more insight into your time together. I am sorry if i was presumptious in my other katie

  2. not to worry, dear katie. you weren’t presumptuous at all. remember, this post is a fantasy. however, it does reflect some of how he is with me.enemas aren’t that bad, and if mess is what worries you, i would say they are mandatory. if you read my ‘anal girl’ post, you will find my tips on how to give yourself one FYI- i have always done them alone, before i meet him. i think that is the least stressful way, despite how hot the fantasy of him giving me one has been.thanks for the comments and the feedback. i was happy to read that someone besides me got squirmy from this little fantasy.*lg

  3. That was super hot. I think I might have to try an enema, as I do get a little uptight in rl about anal, but I always cum so hard when i do it, I should find a way to be less fussy.

  4. Get out of my head! lol! That was hot and very like many fantasies of mine ( wishing they were reality)I’m reading your blog from it’s beginning to end and look forward to what else I will read.I am thoroughly enjoying it! It is so refreshing to know I am not the only adult lil girl out there.Keep it cumming!

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