Posted by: littlegirlyone | April 22, 2007

fun with friends

i want to write this post, even though it is going to spawn some questions about my relationship with mark. in anticipation, i will just say that we had a good talk about a month ago, and i have full permission to fuck this schoolmate of mine who i’ve been lusting after (and making out with). his name is T. despite my continued confusion about what to do in the john situation, i am, it seems, a little bit of a nympho-slut. T and i acted on something that’s been building since the first week of school (over 1 1/2 years ago). because this blog has felt a little self-indulgent, and because i am bursting at the seams to tell someone about my unexpected fuck fest, i bring you . . .


it wasn’t a hot day, but the sun was out. sitting in the bright light after over 6 months of gray, wet weather was enough to kick my hormones into springtime overdrive. and enough to convince me to have ‘just one beer’ at a lunchtime school social event (in honor of earthday). to get free beer, one had to bring her own cup or other container (go recycling). the only container i had was a 20 oz waterbottle. watching a schoolmate fill it to the top with sudsy, tangy beer, i knew i was asking for trouble. but i felt fully justified in a little flirting, especially with T.

T and i have been clandestine drunken make out partners since we met. i should add, i get drunk quite easily, so the opportunities have been bountiful on a campus filled with frustration and stress. T and mark are friendly, and actually remind me of each other. mark also asks me if i’ve fucked T almost every time he wants to cum really hard. i always giggle and say no, i want to. but the problem is that mark originally had a ‘no fucking friends’ restriction when we opened our relationship. not knowing if T would piss him off, i’ve toyed with the idea, even going so far as to suggest that mark and i bring T home from my birthday party a few weeks ago. it didn’t happen, but i’ve been lusting ever since.

as i was reaching the bottom of the waterbottle, T mentioned he had to run to his car to get his computer for a 2pm class. spying a make out opportunity, i offered to walk to the parking lot with him. when we got to his car, i placed my hand on his, leaned back against the car, and propositioned him. i blatantly offered to take him home. being a little buzzed, i don’t exactly remember this part, but he definitely skipped his class, and proceeded to drive me across the city and to my house, where i popped another 2 beers open, and sat on the couch next to T. i had exhausted my drunk boldness, so it took a minute before he grabbed my thigh.

“we talk about you all the time, you know,” i confessed to T.’mark likes to ask me to fuck you sometimes, and we talk about bringing you home with us.’ i spilled this information giggling, and straddled his lap. we kissed for a long time.

T is a really good kisser, or at least, he kisses me the way i like best. he bites, sucks my lower lip, uses his tongue (but not in a fill-my-mouth-up way). kissing T is enough to get me good and wet, and today i was aggressively making out with him while straddled across his lap. i rubbed myself suggestively on him. he yanked my shirt over my head and hungrily sucked and bit my nipples hard enough to make me moan and jump in pain and pleasure. i reached down and unbuckeld his jeans, threw a pillow on the floor, and proceeded to tongue and throat his cock with happy, wild, wet abandon.

i begged him to let me sit on his cock. he happily agreed, and i climbed back up on his lap, sinking my warm girl parts around him while he kissed and bit me. he flipped me over the edge of the couch and pounded me, doggie style. after a little while, we proceeded to the bedroom.

the beer had made me bold. ‘wanna watch me cum?’ i asked him. i have never in my life masturbated in front of someone. mark will watch me play with myself, but never sticks around to see the ending because i usually can’t focus on it with someone watching me. i get too concerned about him enjoying himself, i can’t be selfish enough to focus purely on my own pleasure. for some reason, i knew i could cum for T, tho.

“sure,” he agreed. “i’ve always wanted to watch a girl play with her toys,” he chuckled.

i grabbed my little rabbit. he thought it was hilarious that it was actually shaped like a rabbit. i slid the harness on, and handed him the remote.

“make me cum.”

i showed him how to work th controls, and then i closed my eyes, pulled my thighs wide, and pressed that little rabbit up and under my clit. T was quiet for a while, but he was watching my pussy so intently, i could almost feel his stare. then, i felt his hand on my thigh, and his soft head pressing into my stomach. he flicked his tongue over my clit, above the buzzy little rabbit’s ears.

“oh my god, your tongue!” i squealed as his warm, wet tongue rolled across me, right above my clit. he licked me slowly, the rhythym of his warm tongue languid in comparison to the hyperactive rabbit. i have never experienced anything like it before. it didn’t take long before the combination of slow and wet and buzzy pushed me completely over the edge. i came like i always do with the rabbit: long, hard and loud, squirming the whole time under T’s hands.

normally, i would snap that rabbit off my clit the second i was done. but T had the remote, and he was really enjoying watching me squirm around on the bed. he flipped me on my stomach, sat on my thighs and held my hands at my sides.

my pussy was pressing into the rabbit, pinned between my thighs and the bed.

“come again, you fucking litle slut.” he demanded. “how hard does that guy hit your ass?” he asked. he was referring to john.

“hard.” i told him, panting.

“this hard?” he smacked my right cheek.


“this hard?” he smacked my left.

“harder.” i was practically whispering, breath coming ragged. i knew i was about to cum again. i felt his hand land, and the sting and the pain and i jumped underneath him. as i squealed, the sting from T’s hand radiating through my ass, i came again. i shook underneath him, unable to move. blessedly, he clicked the rabbit off this time.

“can we do this again sometime?” i asked when i got my voice back.

T smiled, his lazy, dirty old man smile that i tease him about. “we’d better.” he slid his hands over my red hot ass, and lay next to me. i closed my eyes and drifted. i felt sexier than ever, and sated, and taken care of and loved. it was a much-needed ending.


  1. yee hah. That was great to come home from work to read. Sex at its best FUN, FUN, FUN.

  2. thanks katie!i am so glad you enjoyed it. it was really a positive experience for me. i have never actually had sex with someone i was good friends with (and remained only good friends). this is a new experience, plus i am hoping that this will lead to an experience with mark (i have been dying for a mwm 3some for years).

  3. I love sex with multiple players. It is just so much fun. Especially when they are dominant and i am completely submissive. My long time ago ex used to take me places and there would be anything from one guy to three guys and two women, who would all use me for their pleasure. I especially liked it if i was wearing cuffs and a collar as then i really felt like their play object. Get working on Mark so i can read all about your adventures lol

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