Posted by: littlegirlyone | May 12, 2007

real life little girl

i have been thinking a lot about being someone’s full time little girl. not in any realistic way, but more in a, “gee, i wonder how i would like it” kind of way. one thing that keeps recurring to me is based on a fantasy someone told me once. he was a dom in NY, and we chatted online a few times. ever since he planted this particular seed, i have returned to it repeatedly. tonight i feel like sharing.

when i think aboout being someone’s full time little girl, i imagine the perfect fantasy – he wakes me up each morning pressing my head down into his crotch – i imagine that i spend the night with my face near his cock, and that as soon as i open my eyes, i’m supposed to suck him to completion. when i am done, he spanks my ass, and sends me to the shower.

in the shower, i wash myself completely. he comes in to soap my back and wash my hair for me. when i’m ready, i lean forward and press my hands against the wall, pushing my ass out for him to see. he inspects my ass and my pussy, and rubs his fingers in and out of me to make sure i’m clean. then he grabs a big towel, and wraps me in it and dries me off like a precious little toy.

when i go into the bedroom, i see my clothes, panties and bra all laid out. this is one of my favorite parts of the fantasy. he picks out what i will wear to school every day. before i am allowed to get dressed, he tells me to bend over the edge of the bed, next to my laid out clothes. he lubes up a butt plug and slides it deep inside me while i whimper quietly into the mattress. sometimes, he fucks me. other times, he makes me get ready for school.

he holds out each item for me to put on – panties: he slides them up my legs and over my hips, pulling them tight against my ass, and pressing the plug in further with the pressure. bra – i hold out my arms and he slides it on me, then goes around the back to buckle it, then back to the front to adjust my full breasts into the cups. he tweaks my nipples and generally makes me squirm with his attention in the morning. he kisses me and tells me how sexy i am, what a good girl.

“put your hands up, little one. i’m going to put your tank top on you.”

“step in to this skirt, baby girl.” he zips me and turns me. he dresses me completely, and buttons a cardigan over my thin shirt, since i am generally always cold.

stuffed, dressed and spanked, he sends me off to school.

i know that this is one of those ‘better in fantasy’ fantasies. but still, it stays with me, and intrigues me. i can’t help but feel that even though i wouldn’t really want to do this every single day (i’m sure it might lose its sexual charge if it was just a boring morning routine) i really want to do this some day.

the question is, how?

as most of you know, i’ve been having problems with John lately. we haven’t seen eachother since raw and i am still not sure what to do or how to proceed. he tried to see me yesterday and i wouldn’t agree. i want to tell him how i feel about that last time – how much more attention and time and support i feel like i need from him. i want to tell him that if he can’t meet me on this, i need to find someone who can. but at the same time, i’m stuck.

i’m not scared of his reaction – i can guess in advance almost exactly how he’ll be. he’s a very understanding person, he knows that what he’s asked of me is difficult. he won’t be surprised that i want more – in a way, i think he’s anticipated it from the beginning. after the first few months, he sat across from me one night and told me how in awe of me he was. that i continue to see him under these circumstances is not taken for granted, it’s respected and i believe he expects that i will stop at some point.

the big problem is that i am so attracted to him. physically, our energy is quite explosive – he makes me melt in a puddle of desire every time i see him! but i have to tell him what i want, and i have to tell him soon. otherwise, my opportunity to re-create me real life fantasy is going to keep on passing me by. i know that. it’s just hard to say no and goodbye. it’s hard to start a really sad conversation. it’s hard to walk away from him.

wah wah wah! i know. i’m sorry to still be on this. i think i’m supposed to see him sometime in the next week or so, so updates are on the way.

courage. bravery. strength.


  1. Once again: how sad. I know very well what you’re talking about, saying the goodbyes, taking the step you know you need to, but yet trying to keep the attachement..I wish I had some advice, but I don’t. Your fantasy sounded nice, though, thank you for that one. 🙂

  2. i thought your fantasy was VERY arousing. 🙂 and good luck with john. you definitely deserve to be cared for– there are a lot of good-looking men in this world and he definitely isn’t the only one you could be attracted to. i’m sure this will all find a way to go right. 🙂

  3. I was formulating in my mind a string of sentences that would tell you how you CAN have this fantasy as reality, and then i got to the part where you explain how you wouldn’t want it. I had to stall the formulation of images in my head. I’ll respect your opinion on why it would grow old, but in my mind, i’ll continue envisioning you on the path to achieving it.Incredibly erotic.

  4. i’m glad you all liked the fantasy – it’s a really good one, i’ve found! and thanks for all the support. i feel like i’m very much more determined to talk to john in this instance because of all the support and feedback you all have given me on the blog (as much as i don’t want to disappoint him, i really don’t want to disappoint you guys!)as far as this fantasy not being realistic, i think i am resistant to accepting that this sort of treatment is something i’d really want. i have no trouble imagining it as long as i can hide out behind my ‘not in real life’ rebuffer. mostly, i think that is my fear of admitting that i would probably enjoy it, and letting go of my own understanding of myself.hmmm. . . .i feel a post coming on.

  5. oh, and Deity, you can’t just leave me hanging like that . . . can you? i want to know, pretty please? with sugar on top?

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