Posted by: littlegirlyone | May 24, 2007

helping hands

sorry for the big lag. this little fantasy has been percolating for a week, but writing keeps turning me on, so i keep getting *distracted.* this one, i think, is almost impossible to recreate in real life. enjoy it anyway!


little one drifted. she felt like she was asleep in a hull of a ship, or high in a tree, the way her body rocked gently. as she floated toward consciousness, she started to cognate the sensation – warm points of pressure pushed all along her back and sides. lazily, she shifted her weight, and felt the warm points move underneath her supine form. rolling a bit to the left, waking more, she stretched her arms to the sides. it was then, reaching out around her, stretching her arms, that she realized what it was: a warm hand encircled her wrists and held them firmly. a warm hand.

suddenly, she realized she was floating, not on some pleasant air dream bed, but held up and supported by hands. human hands. her body stiffened as the realization dawned, but in almost instantaneous response, the hands grasped her limbs. she felt her arms suddenly encased, her legs grasped as warm, strong hands wrapped around her ankles, kneaded the backs of her thighs, tickled the backs of her knees and tightened all along the sides of her body. thinking she might yell or shout, she gasped, only to find another large warm hand slapped across her pretty mouth. eyes wide, she inhaled through her nose fiercely, as tears of frustration welled.

it was dark where she was, but not completely. fighting tears, she looked from side to side. she was fairly sure there were walls. but every surface she could make out appeared to be covered in hands. she started to shake, the hands held her tight and warm. they weren’t painful, but the sensation of being touched everywhere, all over was overwhelming. she relaxed slightly, and noticed the hands loosened their grip as her body gave way. breathing deeper, she closed her eyes, and concentrated on relaxing her whole body, from her toes to her head. she started with her feet, and concentrated on each little muscle, each toe, falling into relaxation and ease. as she calmed her feet, she felt the hands go slack, loosening their warm grip. coolly, she worked her mind up her body, muscle by muscle, focusing on relaxation. she felt the hands respond to her body, looser, more like they were before she’d panicked.

little one had reached her hips, and was concentrating so hard on relaxing that she didn’t notice at first when light began to flood in. sensing the red warmth, she snapped her eyes open, forgetting to maintain her relaxed state. almost at the instant that she saw him, the hands seized her lower half again.

“hello little one.” he spoke sternly and with confidence, his dark eyes hollow and his face obscured by light flooding her eyes. she squinted up at him, and the handsome face she’d grown up next door to smiled down on her in the most irritating manner.

she moved to speak, but the hand clapped across her mouth prevented it. she made muffled noises for a moment, and then watched as he tapped the hand and said quietly, “release.” the hand fell away from her pretty pink mouth.

“i told you not to call me that anymore,” she spoke angrily, boldly. she didn’t know how he’d gotten her into this box, in fact she didn’t even know what the box was, but she knew that her father would kill him for doing this to her, best friend or not!

“hush, little one. you must have noticed the hands sense your emotions. the angrier and feistier you get, the tighter they’ll squeeze you. and i don’t want you covered in handprint bruises, if i can avoid it.”

“my father will kill you for this, you know.” she shot back. she didn’t care if the hands tightened on her or not. this was ridiculous – like something out of a fairy tale. when she told her father what his friend the next door neighbor had done, he was as good as dead.

“silence her, again.” he snarled. the large hand clapped across her mouth. “listen to me little one, and listen carefully because i might not speak to you again if you don’t start behaving. this is a helping hands box. i made it to restrain you. the hands can sense your emotions and the tension of your body. they will only respond to my commands. they also instinctively tighten on you the more you panic, thrash, or become upset. i am going to keep you in here until i have use for you. you are going to become my good little girl, and the hands will help me to keep you in line. the better you are, the better this will be for you, so i suggest you start thinking pleasant thoughts of how much you like me, and try to keep yourself relaxed.”

she made muffled noises behind the large hand across her mouth. he smiled at her sounds. she looked adorable, and terrified in the box, which was shaped like a large coffin and contained over a hundred active hands, which covered every surface and could collectively reach each part of her naked, helpless body. he liked the look of hundreds of fingers wrapped along the sides of her body. between the fingers, he could see patches of her pale honeyed skin. one large hand cupped her mons, and underneath the fingers he could see her bare skin, smooth and girlish as he’d shaved her.

he didn’t expect the sight of her in the hands box to arouse him as much as it did. he grabbed a low stool and pulled it to the side of the box, so he could relax and enjoy the view of her, the little girl who’d grown up next door, held helpless by a hundred strange hands. he grinned inside. he decided to have some fun with her.

tapping the large hand that covered her sex, he commanded, “release.” it fell away instantly, leaving only this most private and secret triangle of her skin completely exposed. her eyes widened and her frame tensed. the hundred hands that covered her tensed too, pressing her fair skin and making her eyes tear with pain. “i told you to relax little one, it will be much easier for both of us if you do.”

the hands dug into her fleshy curves painfully. she knew he was right to instruct her to relax, but she also didn’t want to take orders from him, not this easily, not this soon. she maintained her tension to spite him, with a proud glint in her eye. as she glared up at him from the box, he felt she was daring him to break her. he thrilled at the thought of it, that this proud, bratty young woman he’d known for 20 years would soon obey his every command.

“spread her,” he demanded. the hands on her legs pressed her apart as she struggled with all her strength against them. she knew it was futile, but hoped that her struggle might tire the hands, eventually giving her some means of escape. if she could make it out of the box, it would just be her against him. she was willing to take her chances against him, but the hundred hands would have to let her go before than battle would even be a possibility. the hands pushed her legs apart to the limits of her flexibility. she trembled in his hands with anger and tension. she could feel the cool air on her uncovered place – the only place without a hand on her whole body besides her eyes.

“spread all of her.” and she felt two warm hands grab her outer lips and pull to the sides, opening her little cunt completely to his gaze. she flushed, and hated herself for it. he was her perverted next door neighbor, she had no reason to blush in front of him. as she felt her cheeks burn pink beneath the hand across her mouth, she cringed.

“look at this. look at this little girl’s treasure. look at this pink little cunt you have. do you know how pink it is? do you know how lovely and bare your cunt lips are, how smooth they look? i wish you could see this little pink cunt, little one. i know you’d enjoy the sight.”

she closed her eyes. the last thing on earth she would enjoy right now would be the sight of her spread open by a hundred hands, blushing, in front of her hated father’s best friend.

“open your eyes.” she squeezed hers shut tighter. “open your eyes and look at yourself, or else i will take a picture of you and email it to your father right now. then he can see for himself what a dirty little girl you’ve become.”

she opened her eyes. he was holding a hand mirror above her face, tilted so she could see her body, pinned by anonymous hands, and her pink insides splayed like a porn star’s. he took the mirror away, and looked down onto her in the box. she was so lovely and helpless that he felt he wanted to torture her like this forever.

“stroke her little cunt.” she felt another hand gently begin to run up and down her slit. although she hated herself for it, she had to admit it felt rather nice. “some day when you are a really good girl, i will replace these hands with my own. some day, when you’ve earned it, it will be me, not some random hand, that touches your hot little pussy, that feels your moisture building, that rubs you to orgasm. some day when you are very good, little one. at least you have that to look forward to.”

the hand on her pussy had begun to rub faster, flicking gently from her wet hole to her sensitive clit. she felt herself getting wet, leaking onto the strange fingers, lubricating from their touch.

“look at that! you are leaking already, you little whore. look at how your body betrays you, telling me you are enjoying this despite your protests.”

little one shut her eyes. the hand on her cunt was rubbing faster, more focused now on her clit. she felt herself responding to the anonymous touching in the same way she would a lover’s. it made her furious that she was physically aroused by this horrible treatment. she wouldn’t look at him, at least. she would suffer this torture with her eyes closed, blocking out his terribly familiar features.

“penetrate her.” he said softly. she could feel the gentle hiss of his breath above her face as he spoke. a thick finger entered her pink hole, pressing into her melty warmth. little one squeezed her eyes shut tighter. the incredible feeling of two hands working her pussy over was going to make her cum, of this she was sure. all she could hope was that she would successfully hide it from him when she did. she strained against the hundred hands that held her body, arching her back slightly. the only good thing about the damn hands was the fact that they held her relatively still, he wouldn’t be able to see her arching back the way he would if she were free to move her body as she wished.

the hands were getting sloppy wet with her girl juice. she was starting to make sounds: wet squishy sounds that were embarrassing.

“i hear you, little slut. i hear your wet little girl cunt squishing and gushing all over my hands. don’t think i don’t know how much you hate this, and how much your body is enjoying it. my hands are going to make you cum little one, held in position, unable to move at all. you will cum on my hands and i will watch you as you fight your orgasm and it wins. and that is just the beginning, my little pet. once you have had enough of the helping hands box, once you are ready to do anything, anything i say to get out of that box, i will make you my little slave slut, and you will do anything and everything i say.” he was exciting himself with his words, knowing his dream was both possible and prophetic. his hot little neighbor girl would be his. all his. he silently congratulated himself for a job well done.

“how are you feeling, little one?” he inquired as her body trembled in his hands. she was now covered in a thin sheen of sweat, definitely fighting the orgasm that was building inside her body. he watched her struggle, enjoying her fight for a while. when he was ready, he spoke with resolve.

“penetrate her everywhere.”

another finger entered her wetness, and another. meanwhile the hand on her mouth slid to the left, pulling her lips open as a hand on the right mirrored it. in seconds, she had a fistfull of fingers shoved deep in her mouth, almost gagging her with their thickness. but the worst, the worst and most humiliating fingers were pressing her ass insistently. she had lubricated so profusely on the hands rubbing her cunt that her ass was also covered in her juices. the fingers playing with her ass hole were using the moisture to enter her, one finger, then two, as a third entered her little cunt, stretching her wide, and that horribly insistent one kept up hard, steady circles on her clit. she shook from head to toe. her mouth was full, her pussy was full, and her ass was being penetrated. the sensation of fullness, and of being held in place so firmly, of her futile struggle against the hundred hands, all of the sensations and tensions built unbearably until finally, in a great, blissful sunburst, she came.

he watched her form as she shuddered, speared on fingers in every one of her precious holes.

“good girl,” he said as she moaned into the fingers in her mouth. “good little girl, cumming for those strange hands as they fill your body, invade all your secret little spots, and manipulate your pleasure from you. that is very good.”

she hated him, oh, how she hated him. but his words and easy, patronizing tone was too much. she shuddered again, moaning and drooling over the fingers in her mouth, clenching and pressing on the fingers in her ass, melting all over the fingers inside her pussy.

“pull her head back.” she felt a strong grip on her hair, and then her neck bent, strained backwards, as her mouth opened further and another finger found space in her mouth. she lay there, neck exposed, hair pulled, stuffed full of fingers, with her eyes closed, and felt her body shudder and shake.

slowly, as her body relaxed in the aftermath of her climaxes, she opened her eyes. she saw his damnable face, looking down on her with a mixture of desire and amusement. she had never hated anyone as much as she hated him right then. even as she grew sleepy and drifted again, she thought to herself, i will find a way out of this horrible box one day. and when i do, i will make him suffer for this.

“get some sleep again, little one. i will be back later to check on you.”

he started to close the box lid on her.

“mghghwmmmm” she gurgled and drooled.

“what? you want the lid open?”

she shook her head

“oh, the hands. you want the hands removed?”

she nodded.

“i don’t think so. not now. so be a good girl, and cum for my hands as much as you like.”

he lowered the lid and the hands remained, pushing inside her, filling her, stimulating her. she was able to block the feelings out a bit and drift some on the warm sensation of the hands that held her. but every so often, she felt herself arch and shake against them, straining as yet another horrible orgasm was taken from her unwilling body.


  1. Strange, but well told and very sexy.

  2. you were wrong. i WOULD like this. 🙂

  3. it plays out your desire to be made to comply. i love the implied metaphor of the hands. I like to think that’s what form my dominance can take, imposing on every little inch of her.

  4. all,thanks for the encouragement. i know this one is a little weird, and definitely impossible, but i really do find it arousing.i particularly like deity’s reading of the hands as a metaphor. i didn’t write it to be like that (i really do think of the hands touching me when i play this one out alone;) but i like that more intellectual reading of it. it makes me sound way smarter than i intended, but i’ll take it.persephone – WHY would you like this?

  5. This was so HOT! I absolutely love fantasies of absolute control.g.

  6. What wonderful imagery, and such an intense story. You conveyed so well her helplessness to do anything but respond, and the notion that it was endless… exciting! Thinking about it… hands that never tired, that could get into almost any position… intriguing. (Much better than the scary hallway hands & faces in that old Bergman film – ick.) Liked the picture from Labyrinth too. Thank you.

  7. ZED and Ginger,I am so pleased you liked this story. I guess that is true – it’s pretty much absolute control. Yum!Kes,Glad you liked the photo and the story. I think the whole thing is rather intriguing, and so I love that others do too.

  8. This is a good story! The Labyrinth is my favourite movie, but I never saw the hands in this light. Interesting and arousing…:-)

  9. Oh man, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who fantasizes about the Helping Hands in Labyrinth.

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