Posted by: littlegirlyone | June 3, 2007


in another of my famed chats with persephone, i revealed one of my only fantasies that involves me asserting dominance. surprise, surprise, it is a Daddy fantasy. yet this one is much more tied to age play than my usual Daddy fantasies. when i first uncovered this fantasy, i was a little bit freaked out by it, in the same way i freaked out the first time i felt truly sexually attracted to another girl. i am a sub, or at least, that is what i think i am. could i be a switch in disguise?

ignoring all the commentary that could be made about the bi switch girl that can’t make up her mind, let me say that i have thought about it, and i don’t think that i am actually a switch. i think i am a sub with a very particular fantasy that explores some demanding, bratty, very unsublike behavior.

i have been curious as to why this fantasy. why is this the only context in which i can imagine, even briefly, topping a man (or a woman, but let’s leave that for another day). reading roper’s latest post, and the comments, i saw a twinkle of what gets me hot and bothered about this particular fantasy: desire.

especially in relation to my last post, it might seem a little funny that i would realize that something i really really enjoy is feeling desired. well, i suppose all girls like to feel desired. but i am talking about desire that is raw and carnal and unstoppable. something desired to the point where the desiror would do almost anything to get the desired. something like a very naughty Daddy/little girl scene.

in this fantasy, I am a very spoiled little girl. you know the type – wraps her Daddy and everyone else around her little finger. demanding, bratty, ungrateful. ideally, this would even be more than a scene, more like a real life relationship that would be built over time.

on the first date, he would buy me small things: ice cream or hot chocolate, a book. he would call me little pet names like “princess” and “baby.” he would treat me like a real Daddy treats his very spoiled girl; at this stage, the more realistic the relationship, the better.

later on, perhaps things would get a little less innocent. i would start to notice that Daddy is looking at me much less like a little girl, and more like a big one. i would be very angry with him about this, all pouting and insolence. eventually, i would have to talk to him about it, but i would be a very big brat about it, and mock him, telling him to stop being such a bad Daddy, and start being better.

at one point, he would take me to a hotel. this would be the last straw! i would be very angry with him, scold him and tell him how wrong and bad and naughty he was! maybe he would even beg me to forgive him, explain he couldn’t help it, and apologize. but i would not forgive him and i would be a little bitch. but then, after i threw a huge fit, the tables would turn.

my quiet, nice, indulgent Daddy would get very strict. he would turn me over his knee and spank me good for being so disrespectful. he would have to fight me – i would be furious!

but, of course, he would overpower me.

oh, i know its a bit too icky, incestuous and rapey for me to ever admit to wanting in person. but, it is a lovely, lovely fantasy.

and i don’t think it makes me a switch. i think it just makes me a very bratty little girl (which i am starting to see as a pattern . . . 🙂


  1. It’s a lovely fantasy. I do hope you can find someone to help you realise it. I don’t think it makes you a switch, just a naughty little girl who’s trying to top from the bottom, which will always get you into trouble, I hope!

  2. topping from the bottom… just make sure you find someone who likes that, not someone with whom you’ll get into big trouble for it!i found your fantasy arousing. resisting a spanking is one of my favorite things. my owner has allowed me to act it out a few times, although no times as outwardly as in your fantasy. in reality i wouldn’t have the guts to push as far as i think you would, but in fantasy i like the idea of really pushing someone until he can’t take it anymore and just *has* to take me over his knee. of course, i get myself into enough trouble without that kind of pushing. so perhaps i’ll go back to fantasizing about being *obedient* 😉

  3. I agree… it’s not a switch at all…! It’s a fantasy I’d like to try out, myself..:-)

  4. Roper,you might be interested to know that the man who started this (someone i chatted with briefly last year when i was actively seeking a D/s partner) has recently been in contact again. perhaps i will be fulfilled sooner than any of us imagine!persephone, you keep working on your obedience fantasies, but i’m awfully glad you enjoyed this one.eve,welcome to my blog. i always like to hear about it when someone shares a fantasy. i do hope you’ll return soon.thanks all! *lg

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