Posted by: littlegirlyone | June 29, 2007

turn and face the change

my life is moving. i have felt so upside down lately, and also regrettably busy, that i’ve not had time to write. in the midst of my busy life, my little continent is shifting.

the big seismic adjustment comes on the john front. he recently sent me another email informing me he’s getting a divorce, and expressing renewed interest in continuing our relationship. i’m still not sure how to proceed. as of late, i’ve been somewhat distant, but still available. i want to know what this means, in terms of me. i don’t know if all his sneaking around had to do more with his wife or with his desires. i suspect a bit of both, but have no idea in what proportion.

overall, life is good. but i feel a change is coming, and i’m cautiously trying to face into the wind.


  1. so first of all, i google’d cuckold fetish. i know so little, i swear! secondly, your life is amazingly twisty right now. likewise in the offer, if you’d like to chat – i’m always a willing ear! loves,butterfly

  2. Things are not going to be easy for you if your fantasies do not coincide with Mark’s, and it sounds like they scarcely overlap at all. There’s no simple answer to such a problem, but you have my sympathy.

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