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the littlegirl channel

this is a fun project that meg thought up after we’d shared an experience together. we both wrote about the experience from our own perspective. you can find her account here. i would also like to preface my story with a debt of gratitude to Andrew and Morgan, meg’s Owners. for without their encouragement and permission, none of the following would have happened.



regular readers have probably noticed my blossoming friendship with, and affection for, the girl of the hour. we started chatting a while back, and have recently graduated to the telephone and even (once) text messaging. as we’ve gotten to know each other better, both in conversations and by reading each other’s blogs, we’ve noted a bunch of similarities between us, but also many differences that make us each unique. i’ve already gushed my happiness with having made a friend who knows my deepest, scariest secret, but i haven’t yet shared the undercurrent of eroticism that knowledge has given our conversations.

it’s been hard to put my finger on, but i’ve definitely noticed that having a friend who understands and shares my sexual proclivities makes that friendship slightly more sexual than others. this past week, that undercurrent was exposed. i would maybe even call it an overcurrent now, despite the fact that’s not a word.

having identified as bisexual since i was 19, i’ve been attracted to a number of girl friends, but i’ve never had one that so fully understood my sex drive, and who shared a number of my same turn ons. i think that intimacy, true emotional and mental intimacy, is what made my experience so satisfying.

we were on the phone when she said it. i was sitting on the couch, parked in front of a giant fan. it was a hot mid-afternoon, but i was comfortable, reclining on my side. she paused. breathed.

“um, Andrew wants me to orgasm on the phone.”

my initial thought was that she had to go, that she was going to call Andrew now. then, i realized from the pause that she meant on the phone. with me. i sat up straight and giggled.

“how do you feel about that?” i asked. i didn’t know what else to say.


ok. i was giggly. i felt self-conscious, like i was being asked to do something scary and was trying to avoid doing it. i didn’t feel scared, just nervous. she explained that all i had to do was count backwards from 10.

“how fast?”

“not too fast, but not too slow. you got it?”

“but i don’t have the power – ” i protested.

“you don’t have to have it.” she promised. “he has it.” i felt a little better. i took a breath and started counting.


long pause


“you have to count faster than that,” she breathed. i heard her voice change and i knew it was going to happen. i was going to hear a girl cum on the phone. for the first time. in an indirect way, i was going to make her cum. i felt giddy. i counted. i was going to hear meg cum.

“8 . . . 7 . . . 6 . . . 5” at 5 i started to feel something. excitement building, maybe just imminence. i noticed my voice adjusted on 5, getting a bit less nervous, a little more throaty. “4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1”

i heard her sighing into the phone. it sounded intensely girly, perhaps because i have only ever heard men orgasm on the phone. she sounded extremely feminine by contrast. and it lasted a long time, much longer than i expected.

“i can’t believe that worked.” i was truly in awe. she was very passionate and vocal, but in the daintiest way. she asked me to write about my experience for her Owners and i agreed. i sat and thought about how i would describe the experience.


admittedly, i have been curious about the particularities of meg cumming on a countdown for a long time. i know we share many readers, in fact, i would guess that no one reads my blog that doesn’t also read hers, so perhaps you can all relate. this aspect of her relationship intrigues me, and i’ve always wondered how it worked, if it worked, if it really, really could work.

it worked.

while i was counting, and later as she was cumming, i felt more giggly than anything. i was glad i could be a part of something that brought her pleasure. i was curious to be involved in something i’d not experienced before. but i felt more like an instrument of her Owners than the bringer of pleasure myself. i felt like a channel, but not in a bad way, in a very particular way. i felt utilized, and it was a nice feeling. i imagine this was a mild dose of what some submissives feel when they are utilized. it was a calm sense of usefulness, of purpose, of service.

upon further reflection, i’ll admit that my giggles were a defense mechanism; it was either giggle or be aroused. i have that reaction to girls most of the time. as a girl, it is so much scarier to risk my girl friendships by changing the energy between us. the rejection is scary. the unknown is scary. plus, i’ve had 95% of my sexual experiences with men. i know how to read them (i think, sometimes) and i know how to handle them. so, unless i’m a little tipsy and feel emboldened by that, the likelihood of me ever hearing a girl cum was fairly slim.

after hanging up, i felt scattered. almost like i didn’t know what to do with myself. i felt like i’d done something intimate, but i hadn’t even touched myself. i’d told meg that i felt like i’d seen her naked. it was a few minutes before i realized i was very, very wet.


i went to the bedroom and kicked off my shorts and panties. i flipped on the bedside fan. the room was cool and dark, and i didn’t waste any time. it has been a while since i played with the little bunny vibe.

half naked, wearing only my thin t-shirt, i wasn’t about to take my time. all of a sudden, i felt urgently ready, wanting. i came almost the second the bunny started to buzz against me, but i held it there longer. i fantasized about meg, and about her Owners. one little orgasm, one little tickling orgasm at that, was not going to be enough. i wanted waves. i wanted to cum until it hurt. i suppose this would be a moment i am grateful for my unowned, unmonitored status: when i want to cum, i am free to do so, as much, as long, and as hard as i like (sorry, meg :).

i pictured the four of us walking down a city street at night. meg and i dressed alike in a short skirts and flats, the way little girls like to dress up the same as eachother. we were walking in front of her Owners, and i was very aware of both of them watching us. the thought of making out with meg in front of her Owners seized me. i could almost feel the hair raise on the back of my neck, could almost feel the heat of their gaze as they watched me and their precious pet meg pressed against the cold city wall. i came harder than the first time, but i didn’t stop. i pressed my legs farther apart, pinned my thighs open with my own muscles.

i thought about being questioned by meg and her Owners. not interrogated in a scary way, more like playing a game.

“littlegirl, have you ever . . . ?” and “do you want to . . . ?” i thought about the embarrassment i would feel in answering questions from strangers, but the most exciting kind of strangers – the ones who already know what your answer will be. i thought about how i look away, turn my head, blush and grin and hide my face when asked about anything sexual in person. feeling the heat rise in my cheeks, i felt another orgasm building. i pressed my feet down into the mattress, lifting my ass off the bed and i came again.

gasp. oh, oh, oh. i tend to whisper to myself when i’m alone. little words, sometimes i dominate myself. i whisper things like “don’t move, don’t you dare move that ass littlegirl. . . ” other times i just “oh,” “mmmm” and “omigod.” it was a mixture today. but i wasn’t done yet, it didn’t hurt, it still felt gooood.

“don’t you dare stop,” i gasped to myself as i relaxed my hips back to the mattress.

next, i imagined much more than just kissing meg. i pictured being allowed to watch her cum on her Owner’s count in person. i thought about fingers and mouths covered in slippery-thin girlcum. i thought about my mouth pressed into a girl, my fingers deep inside her warm wetness. i thought about hearing a strong voice counting, and knowing what would happen when the voice hit “1.” i thought about watching meg, another girl, in the middle of her own orgasm. i thought about her dainty sighs and her breathing. i came again.

finally, i thought about being sent to someone else on a plane. desire coursed through me as i thought about being sent to meet someone i didn’t know. i imagined what it would be like to be prepared for a trip by a man like a gift for someone else. i would be showered, oiled, lubed carefully and stuffed with a buttplug. i would be dressed appropriately, but pleasingly in one of my comfy cotton dresses. i imagined the excitement of sitting in anticipation through the flight, and finally thought about disembarking to find a stranger, who would escort me to his hired car and inspect whether i’d been prepared properly. the plug would be the first thing he’d look for. finding everything else in order, he’d ask me to lean back and open my legs wide. he’d pull the plug out slowly, toss it on the seat beside me and watch . . . that was it. i had the big, crazy, sheet pulling, body twisting, foot cramping orgasm i’d waited for.

the bunny hurt.

i shut it off.

i drifted.


  1. “Finally…”???All of this heightened arousal and then you toss in the fantasy about being sent to a stranger via a plane…my goodness. It’s all incredibly astounding. I have to ask, what was the color of the car’s interior?

  2. deity,it’s funny you should ask that. the car was more like a limousine in my fantasy, with leather interior, creamy colored.i hope by ‘astounding’ you don’t mean ‘freaking scary.’ i am going to interpret that phrase as ‘freaking awesome’ to spare my poor cheeks any further burning.oh, and i only think it’s fair to mention that the end of this post, the final fantasy, was definitely inspired by your very own blog post, ‘The Circle.’so, i’m sure you mean freaking awesome. even though you wouldn’t be likely to say either ‘freaking’ or ‘awesome.’

  3. This is an expression of the most wonderful and intense intimacy. If it is possible to be innocently wicked, you have achieved it.

  4. That was a wonderful accout of a very erotic experience

  5. thank you all very much for reading. it was as wonderful an experience as i made it sound, and i’m very pleased you all enjoyed it.

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