Posted by: littlegirlyone | July 30, 2007

50 childish things i do

in the wake of leaving john, i’ve been thinking about the beginning. i’ve written before about the first time we met in person, but i didn’t reflect on his first commentary: he said i surprised him by being so childish (childlike?). i’m not at all sure what about me gave him this impression, but i’ve been thinking about it, and compiled a list of possibilities. call it a cop-out post if you must . . .

1. i make up songs, and i sing them to myself all the time

2. i make mischief

3. i’m terribly curious, and like to ask a lot of questions, including “why?”

4. i skip

5. i have a little dog that i adore and treat like a baby

6. i hide my face when i’m in trouble and when i’m embarrassed

7. i avoid confrontations and trouble at any cost

8. i’m demanding

9. i pout when i don’t get my way

10. i’m easily convinced, or suggestible

11. i thrive on attention

12. i seek praise, and avoid displeasure

13. i cry out of frustration, not just out of pain

14. i like panties better than thongs

15. i wear a lot of dresses, and i like wearing them, especially fuller skirts that swish around my legs and twirl when i spin in them.

16. i don’t hold my liquor

17. i want pleasure, pleasure, pleasure

18. i’m selfish

19. my smile can light up a room

20. you really don’t want to make me mad (because . . .)

21. i throw temper tantrums

22. i’m shy (sometimes)

23. i respond well to directions

24. i love to dance

25. i don’t care if people think i’m silly-looking or obnoxious – i do what’s fun

26. i pout, but i’m rather quick to get over it if you know how to talk me down

27. i get angry quickly, say something rash, and then i want it to be over

28. i don’t like to admit i’m wrong

29. i love cupcakes!

30. i’ve been known to stick out my tongue at people i don’t like

31. i play well with others

32. i love maryjanes

33. i often pretend that i’m not scared, even when i’m terrified

34. i love it when people think i’m a badass

35. i always want to be the center of attention

36. i love to sing (and i’m pretty good at it)

37. i hate to be second

38. i never admit i’m competitive

39. i complain about things by making fun of them

40. i’m a very good actress

41. i have a wild imagination

42. i love to giggle on the phone with a friend

43. i love new clothes!

44. i’m too nice to be mean, but i’m really good at being passive aggressive

45. i love my food

46. i save the best bites of my food for last

47. i hate being poked or tickled

48. i live to be cute

49. you can read my mind by watching my face (i’m really bad at poker)

50. i hate being alone – it’s booooring!


  1. Hi,I just stumbled across your blog for the first time, and I love it! I have a little girl side to me–in the last year or so, I’ve embraced it more and more. I read your list and was nodding my head in agreement…I see so much of myself in it! I’m plowing through your archives now, and have linked to you.thanks,J

  2. lg,#’s 34 and 43 don’t strike me at all as ‘childish’. They come off as more go get ’em, full grown-up. What child loves new clothes?But i have to empathize with #50. I’m hate being alone too.

  3. J,welcome to my little world! i’m so glad you like it. i love that feeling of finding a new blog that captures something about myself. please enjoy with my compliments.deity,#34 (badass-ness) is childish the way i see it. i always wanted to be the girl that could do anything (maybe because all my classmates were boys). and #43 (clothes)! my god, you should have seen my wardrobe as a child – i had more frilly dresses, smocks and tights than any little girl far as #50 goes, thank you for the correction 😉 but i really do hate being alone.

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