Posted by: littlegirlyone | August 3, 2007

on camera, on command

meg told me she would text me later. i had dinner plans with a friend, and kept my eye on the phone. after dinner, i ran upstairs and flung groceries away, dropped my handbag, and grabbed my phone out. 2 texts: the first asking me to call her at her owners house, the second asking why i hadn’t called yet.

i cursed my phone for not vibrating, and flung myself onto the couch, dialing. meg answered, i was relieved. i hadn’t spoken to either of her owners before, and i felt nervous about hearing them for the first time. i needn’t have worried – they were easy to talk to, and both of them had lovely, sexy voices. morgan and i talked about poetry, and both of them asked me lots of questions about myself, my education, my life. vanilla questions, but i felt aroused answering everything they asked.

morgan asked what i was wearing. i told them i’d sent pictures earlier in the day, anticipating their interest in seeing me while we spoke. i’d remembered how meg used to send her owners photographs of everything she wore. they asked me if i had a webcam, and i told them i did. they asked me to turn it on.

we chatted some more, and they teased me quite a bit about how much and how easily i blush. they made me blush a bunch of times, i can’t remember how. i remember andrew’s voice in the phone, it was no-nonsense from the beginning. his firmness left me with little room to argue, so i found myself quite easily obedient to him when he commanded that i look directly into the camera, and he spoke to me and wouldn’t let me look away.

“that shirt looks rather buttoned up,” he said. “i think you should unbutton it.”

“it is unbuttoned,” i explained, “it just doesn’t fall open because of the way it’s cut.”

“well, you’ll just have to take it off then,” he exclaimed.

i was quite docile. “ok,” i agreed. i surprised myself with my obedience to him, and i think i surprised them because i heard meg say that i barely knew them in the background, but i felt like i’d known them for quite some time. we discussed this. despite the fact that i’d neither met, nor communicated directly with either of them, being so close to meg and knowing she vouched for them was enough for me, i guess. i started to unbutton my shirt.

“oh, no!” i exclaimed. “i don’t want to – i mean, i hate this bra i’m wearing, it’s ugly because it’s a work bra,” i explained. it was a plain, white bra with full cups and thick straps. it wasn’t that it was all that bad, just not as sexy as i would have liked my undergarments to be if others were going to be looking at them.

“well, that should be a lesson to you, then” andrew said.

i sat. i felt like i wanted to crawl under my desk and slip the bra off.

“let’s go,” morgan encouraged me. i finished unbuttoning the shirt, and pulled it slowly down my arms. i sat, abashed, in front of the camera in my plain white bra. andrew told me to look right at the camera, and i felt my face turning pink. i didn’t look away. he wouldn’t let me look away. i was grateful for my computer’s automatic powersaver feature, which dims the screen after i’ve been idle for more than 5 minutes. the screen was black, thankfully, and i didn’t have to see what they saw. it made it easier for me to forget i was on camera.

“take your bra off, too.”

i did. in fact, i was happy to do that because i felt like my bare flesh was more attractive than the bra i was wearing. i remember both of meg’s owners murmuring encouragingly. i remember how sweet morgan was, complimenting my body, complimenting my beauty. her hushed voice was like a caress. i felt good.

in fact, they told me i was a good girl, and i felt my resistance melt. then, they demanded to see more. all of me. they talked me through my little striptease, with low, strong voices and plenty of compliments. they asked me to turn around and bend over, showing off my bare ass. i was so compliant, it is rather embarrassing to admit it now, but at the time it was easy: as long as i did what they asked, i was a good girl.

i want to be good.

i can’t remember the context, if it was just to see me do it, or if it was part of them scolding me, but they asked me to spank myself. my back was to the computer, its dark screen deceitful. i raised my hand and brought it down hard on myself.

“ow!” i thought for sure that i wouldn’t be able to actually hurt myself – i thought my subconscious mind would prevent my hand from falling hard enough to hurt. i was wrong. it hurt.





i giggled a little bit as it stung. they commented on how obedient i was, and how i should give meg some lessons. i protested. i didn’t want to give meg lessons in anything. in fact, this was an interesting part of the dynamic: the entire time i felt much more loyalty toward meg than to either of her owners. i guess that makes sense, as i’m invested in my friendship with her. i worried about meg, i was afraid that she was going to be upset. i didn’t know whether to keep being good, or start being bad so she could look better. i remember that this comment brought up a little bit of this confusion, but most of it hit after i’d hung up.

the next thing i remember was being scolded by andrew. he scolded me for a long time, and he made me sit with my legs open while he did it. i kept forgetting, and closed them, and like magic, he would ask me if they were open. this happened a few times, and then, he warned me that if i got into any more trouble, meg would be punished for it. i could hear meg’s little squeals of protest in the background, and i swore to her owners that i didn’t want to get her in trouble for anything.

“you’re a submissive little girl, aren’t you?”


“yes, what?”

“yes, i’m a submissive little girl,” i whispered.

“no, there’s something missing on the end . . . ?”

“oh!” i felt dumb. “yes, sir.

“you can’t help it, can you? that is just what you are. a submissive little girl that needs to be respectful”

“yes, sir”

“you like our little meg, don’t you?”


“yes, what?”

“yes, sir”

“do you know what i’m doing to little meg right now?” andrew asked.

“no.” although i could hear her softly in the background, i couldn’t tell if she was being hurt and whimpering, or if that was her aroused.

“i’ve got my hand on little meg’s pussy right now. i am making her wiggle all over the floor.”

“oh” i said.

“i want you to touch yourself on camera”



“i mean, yes sir”

i sunk my hand between my thighs. i was hot and wet. i held the phone with my shoulder. i rubbed, and leaned back against the wall for support.

“you know what is going to happen?”

“no sir”

“you and meg are going to come at the same time, on my count, together. you are going to cum just like meg does, when i get to 1”

i stopped making coherent responses at this time. i just listened and touched and tried to believe that it would work. i felt skeptical – it makes sense that it works for meg, but i highly doubted i would be able to do it. i pushed every single negative thought away and focused on what andrew was saying.

“10 . . . you are going to do exactly as i say, little girl, your body will cum and you will have no choice in the matter . . . 9 . . . when i get to 1, that will be it . . . 8 . . . do not doubt, do not question . . . 7 . . . you know your job, and your job is to just do it . . . 6 . . . “

i felt like something was going to happen, i definitely felt aroused, and like i could cum, the question became whether i would, or not. i was standing up – i never cum standing up! i was using my hand – that takes me waaaay longer . . . a million little excuses bubbled through my brain as i listened to andrew. i told myself to believe.
believe, believe, believe . . .

i felt like a little girl wishing for Santa Claus to show up on her chimney. i had my doubts, but i just kept telling myself to be open, to believe . . .

“1. now! both of your girls better cum right NOW!” his voice was firm. i heard meg totally cumming the background, and i . . .

i did it.

my thighs contracted and fluttered.

i sunk down with exhaustion.

i giggled.

i came on command.


  1. so fun to read!!!! 🙂 goodness, i remember so many other things about that night… all of the scolding from both of them, the parts when you and i got to talk to each other, me being tortured…i liked reading my owners’ words through your voice, and i liked hearing what you were thinking (although your thoughts were written pretty plainly on your face, i must say).i was so happy to have you hear them and vice-versa. and don’t ever worry about getting me in trouble. it could happen, but i’d take it gladly for you. 🙂

  2. What a good little girl you are! Quite deliciously so.

  3. because lg and meg are, of course, individuals, one girl’s behaviordoes not make me look more or less favorably upon the other’s. meg has her own standards to adhere to, and lg was a sweet amusement. she should not ever alter her behavior in order to make meg appear one way or anotherin the eyes of her owners. lg could not possibly know how her behavior affects us, and her attempt to force a certain outcome might, in fact, backfire. that is why genuineness and truthfulness are paramount. a little girl may expect a certain outcome, and not be able to see beyond that to themyriad of options that exist. she behaved as she should have, and it has no bearing upon how we view our little was a lovely post.

  4. SO hot, lg. I am curious to know how Persephone felt about ‘sharing’ her owners with you. I mean, I know you’re close… but I wonder if there was a small amount of jealousy there, as would be normal…

  5. Very nice to read. :)g.

  6. persephone,i had a hard time deciding whether to write your owners words or not, because i couldn’t really remember all of them (creative license) and i didn’t want any of you three busting me out! i’m glad you enjoyed reading my version. and you know that i would rather get 100,000 papercuts on my tongue than get you in trouble.roper,i am capable of being good, aren’t i? thanks for noticing.morgan,thank you for correcting me. you are right of course – my job is not to keep meg out of trouble, but i really would hate to be the cause (even if she does sort of like it).yen,meg and i are both rather similar in our ability to share with eachother. i don’t think she got jealous, but maybe she should tell you herself.Z&g,thank you. always glad to have another satisfied reader 😉

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