Posted by: littlegirlyone | August 6, 2007

my first triple

i’m going home next week, the thought of which makes me nostalgic. my reveries of days gone by brought back a particular high school experience i would bet not many people had:

when i was 17, i had a threesome.

it had all started innocently enough – mia and i were friends. we’d sort of circled each other’s social sphere in out first two years of high school. although i went to a small, alternative school where there was no “popular crowd,” if there was one, mia would have been in it. she was much cooler than i was at the time – she smoked pot, and drank on the weekends. i was stubbornly anti-drug-and-party when i was young; all the way through high school, i never went to a party and drank, i never got high.

late in high school, i opened my mind a little bit – just enough to become friends with some of the more intimidating kids in the cooler crowd. there was nathan, who was obsessed with vampires and once grabbed my lip between his teeth and bit until i bled. there was tallie, whose halloween costume consisted of her beautiful, long, red hair in a high ponytail, a silver bikini top and a very mini skirt. and there was mia and her boyfriend mario.

at the end of my senior year, mia invited me out for her birthday; a small number of girls at a crowded middle eastern restaurant on haight street. we sat on low pillows. they ordered a hookah (which i politely declined). i was single, and rather infamous at the time around school, having been publicly outed as a real life ‘teacher’s pet’ the prior month. i speculate that this is what gave me enough intrigue to snag an invite. at the end of dinner, mario picked us up and drove us back to mia’s house.

she invited all of us girls to come upstairs. 3 declined, leaving 2 girls and me to climb the stairway to mia’s room. she had the most amazing bedroom i’d ever seen: it was a large area, skylights and windows poured moonlight in. mia lit candles, and i saw the multiple levels in space, a series of 3 ascending loft platforms. the uppermost one held her bed, the middle had a sort of desk and couch area, with pillows and rugs and the bottom area held her clothes, shoes, and stereo.

someone brought out wine.

when the bottle was empty, mia wanted to play spin the bottle. awkwardly, mario was the only guy in the room, and he was mia’s boyfriend. the other 2 girls looked uncomfortable and left. i stayed. with no other players, mia changed her mind. “let’s just play ‘mia says’,” she proposed.

“meaning?” i inquired.

“since it’s my birthday, i get to be in charge. you and mario just do what mia says. wanna?”

my cheeks burned with red wine and desire as i nodded.

i thrilled i felt at her first request: “mario and lg, kiss”

mario was tall, and sitting on a low couch. i stood awkwardly and walked over in front of him. i had never kissed another girl’s boyfriend in her sightline. i didn’t know what to do. if i looked too eager, would i make her uncomfortable? if i looked too scared, would she change her mind?

i felt the soft impact of mario’s body underneath me as he tugged me onto his lap, facing him. he held my chin firmly in his large hands and kissed me. his tongue swept my mouth. i started breathing heavily. he pressed my knees apart to straddle him. his hands made my body electric. i sunk onto him completely, pressing my ass into his thighs, pressing my mouth into his in the heat of his girlfriend’s stare.

“grab her ass, mario”

i felt his hands sliding up my legs, curving up over my ass to the small of my back and running back down. he grabbed me in his hands, squeezing. my breathing got slower, heavier and more measured.

“take her shirt off.”

his strong hands pressed up my back, snagging my shirt on the way. i felt the material sliding up, and as the front begin to lift i sucked my stomach in, self conscious. i hated the way my tummy made a little soft patch above my jeans. mia was so tiny, i felt self conscious of all my body’s curves and softness.

mia cooed with delight, watching her boyfriend handle me. i pressed my body into mario. the room was cold without my shirt and i felt goosebumps rising on my skin. soon mario’s mouth covered the tops of my breasts, and i tilted my head back. mia stood behind me, tangling her hands in my hair and suddenly pushed her mouth onto mine.

this wasn’t my first girl kiss, but it is seared into my memory like a brand. my body felt hot, yet i shivered on mario’s lap, covered in goosebumps. i felt my hair falling back across my shoulder blades randomly, as mia’s little hands tugged pieces near my scalp, and her mouth met mine. she used her teeth on me. i used mine back. it was the kind of kiss that both melts and freezes, a blend of opposite sensations: warm, cold, softness, pain, desire, self-consciousness. everything i felt welled inside me as i pressed myself closer to mario’s chest, and his hands held my hips as my back arched and my head tumbled back while i delved into his girlfriend’s mouth.

soon, she had me crawling across the floor to her platform bed. her down comforter was plushy underneath my torso, trapping the warmth of my body around me. they stood behind me, as i lay face down on the bed in the moonlight. topless, but with my jeans on. i felt them looking at me. i noticed how the sensation of their eyes on me burned between my thighs, how i pressed myself into the plushy down, building friction, sinking and floating.

clothes came off in piles: 6 socks and 3 pairs of jeans, a couple of shirts, 2 bras, one pair of boxers and 2 pairs of panties. we lay entangled on the down. at that time, i was quite adamant that i didn’t like being on the receiving end of oral sex. i was happy enough to give it, but wasn’t comfortable the idea of someone’s head between my legs mia shushed my protests with her kisses as mario’s body slid down, opening legs across legs. i trembled in her arms, and she held me and kissed me while her boyfriend’s tongue drew lazy circles. while i can’t say i was completely converted (to this day, i find it hard to love), i give them credit for showing me that i could find pleasure in it, not just scary insecurity.

i watched as mia returned mario’s oral favors. i admit i have never recovered from the heady feeling of her mouth and mine connecting after such an intimate act. she tasted like him, and he tasted like me. he said we both tasted like each other.

eventually, like all high school lovers, we tumbled into a light sleep until i had to get home (it was way past my curfew).

leaving her house at 3am, the fog coming over twin peaks in thick waves, chilled the last vestiges of their bodies out of me. i drove swiftly home, radio loud, heat blasting. i slyly opened the door, listening for sounds of movement upstairs. satisfied, i hit the MEMO button on my parent’s answering machine, telling them i was home, but not before adjusting the digital clock back to 11:58. (they counted on the machine’s time to tell them if i was late or not.) i was most definitely on time. i changed the time back to 3:25, slunk up the staircase on the non-squeaky side, and fell into bed smiling.

i so got invited back to mia’s house every friday night until the end of the year.


  1. So sweetly sexy; a joy to read.

  2. i found this very arousing. there is nothing else like that initial sexual connection with a new person, when you have no idea when and how they will touch you and every sensation is brand new. better still to have the experience with TWO people. 🙂

  3. what a story! Do you ever miss those days?

  4. wow!I’ll bet she did invite you back!Very sexy. :)g.

  5. i’m glad you all liked one of my favorite memories!

  6. I like the story

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