Posted by: littlegirlyone | August 23, 2007

addendum to self centered/other centered

i was thinking about my post this morning, and i realized i may have made a crucial error in identifying only gray lily, toy, and kaya as other-centered submissives. while i think of these ladies as very advanced, and i am very much in awe of many of the things they do, they are not the only examples of other-centered submission that i know. i just gravitated toward them because there are so many examples of things on their journals that i really didn’t understand before.

i didn’t mean to imply in any way that those were the only three women that i can think of. i know persephone and her owners practice that kind of submission, and pixipie certainly. there are more of these kinds of acts and relationships that i’ve read online than i could possibly name.

what, for me, distinguished the other-centered acts from the self-centered ones was really the idea of the sub letting someone do something, or doing something herself, that she didn’t want to do. and doing it just because it pleased the other person.

sorry for the extra ramble, but i felt badly that i may have been misunderstood and wanted to be clear!



  1. i don’t think you needed to reassure us, but it just shows your cute little-girlness that you decided to.i think that submission is just so different for everyone, truly. there may be some general ideals that we have in common, but different people have different needs for self exploration and discovery.

  2. well, there’s nothing like worrying that i’ve hurt someone or made them upset with me to get me in super-concerned-oh-no-what-did-i-do is all about self discovery in the end, as you point out.

  3. lovely to be mentioned in your blog….i didn’t feel left out…just happy to be included in such company.Thanks!

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