Posted by: littlegirlyone | November 22, 2007

Clive Owen

much has been written, in my opinion, about recognizing submission in women. i think some of it is blather, and some of it is rather intriguing. to be honest, i would actually enjoy it if i thought that there were men out there that could see the hungry fucktoy inside of me, and recognize it for what it is. however, i tend to think most men’s claims in this regard are a wee bit exaggerated. it’s not often they ask the girl in question to confirm their suspicions (nor should a polite gentleman undertake such a line of questioning unless he likes icy stares).

meg and i once talked for quite a while about the various celebrities we *think* of as dominant. neither of us has any actual knowledge of any of these gentlemen’s proclivities, but we agreed on at least a couple of them.

one of the gentlemen we both agreed seemed dominating was mr. clive owen. it may be that the whole thing is wishful thinking, and indeed, i’ll never know for sure. so to make this interesting, and not just a celebrity crush, i’ll attempt to analyze just what it is about the man in question that gives me the feeling he’d like to tie me to his bed . . .

i admit, some of my feelings probably came from the scene in Closer where he confronts julia roberts (playing his wife) on her infidelity. i am loathe to tell you you ought to watch the movie just to see this scene, because i found the movie rather tedious by the end, but oh my god! the intensity, the raw, masculine energy of his rage, and something about his smile . . . i found myself immediately obsessed with mr. owen. if you must see it for yourself (or if, like me, you’d enjoy a refresher) you can watch it on you tube. i love the part in the scene where he makes her talk about what was different for her between sex with him and sex with her lover. she answers, “he’s gentle.” and he says something about how he isn’t, and how he “fucks her like a whore.” that line, the whole interrogation, actually, makes me thrill with desire.

i have some pretty intense interrogation fantasies. most of mine involve being tied really tight to something and tortured for not answering. and eventually, “broken.” but this scene, without any of that, still captures the aspect of confession, the terse moments when she breaks, and tells him the details of her affair.

ironically, if mark ever interrogated me like this, i’m sure i wouldn’t enjoy it at all. maybe it’s because he isn’t clive owen, or maybe it’s because i would not be having an affair with anyone “gentle.” likely my answer would have to be something like “he treats me like a dirty little whore.” and mark would then have to accept that i would rather be treated that way than like his little princess. sexually anyway.

and i can’t wrap up a post about clive owen without mentioning his adorable accent, his incredible eyes, his dark hair, and his ability to look incredibly hot without ever looking pretty. i think it’s something about his nose.

probably because he had already pushed my erotic hot button, when i saw clive in Inside Man, and Children of Men, i was convinced that i was right. (A side note: i found both of these movies much more enjoyable than Closer, but found the above-mentioned scene to be so erotically-charged that it made the whole movie for me.)


  1. i agree about “closer.” i didn’t loathe it; i found it thought-provoking, but i see what you mean about it becoming tedious. did you know that in the stage play mr. owen played the jude law character from the movie?i had the same reaction to that scene, even though at the time i didn’t really identify with my submissive self. i also totally freaked out over his opening monologue in “inside man.”another bad movie he was in was “derailed.” he played a gentler character but i still felt that energy from him.i’m not one for celebrity crushes, but i’m all about clive owen. he does dominant so well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. lg,I have not seen the whole movie but the scene you linked is very charged.Honest raw communication sadly seems to appear only times of heated dispute, in some relationships.I have been spending some time in your archives, provokes many thoughts and questions.admiration,-TFP

  3. oh yes…i know what you mean about him. check out August or Septembers Playboy…there is an interview with him in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. oh clive. i really do think he’s a dreamboat, but really, only the clive i imagine him to be. meg,i had no idea he played the other character. he seems better suited to the one he played in the movie (or maybe i just like that he says he fucks his wife “like a whore,” and i don’t want to imagine him being the “gentler” one. see how that works?) i haven’t seen derailed, but maybe i should put it on my list.and agreed, he might be the only celebrity crush i have. i set out to make this post a sort of “celebrity dom list” but found i really only had clive in my pocket. if anyone wants to tell me about another dom actor, we can actually start a list, like i planned. TFP,thoughts and questions are always welcome. i get an email whenever someone comments on my journal, even on a really old post, so i will know (and respond) if you want to comment on my earlier writings.pixie,thanks for the tip. i would have to laugh though because i really would be buying a playbooy for the article ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I adore Clive Owen, there is definately a very dominant air about him. I espacially like his husky low voice….mmmm, what a man!!!

  6. littlegem,glad you like mr. owen. welcome to my submissive girls for clive fanclub, and welcome also to my journal. thank you for commenting! it’s always nice to see a new reader!

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