Posted by: littlegirlyone | December 25, 2007

merry christmas to all!

dearest readers,

it’s that time of year again: blistery cold, snowy, and i’m off to see the world!

seriously, i’ll be traveling (again) for the next two weeks. if i get a chance, i’ll write, but i make no promises. especially because where i’m going, they have a different alphabet.

but i hope all of you have a very warm, safe holiday season!

and here’s a picture to remember me by . . .




  1. sexy slut *giggles*

  2. How could we ever forget?

  3. a different alphabet? you are such a tease… now i’m making a list of all the places you could be going. wherever it is, i’m jealous.tho speaking of being a tease, that picture…

  4. Awe lovely, have a great time.Greece? Russia? Somewhere in Asia?Couldn’t be here in Australia.. you can say lots of things about our language but the alphabet’s the same ;)milla xx

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