Posted by: littlegirlyone | February 23, 2009


i’m sitting at lunch at the place i sometimes go around the corner. i always order their minestrone soup. today is no exception. i know i’m in trouble when i start noticing the way the spoon feels gliding in and out of my mouth (hot from the soup. hot, hard, curvy metal). i know i’m in trouble when i’m relishing the texture of each vegetable: tomato (soft, warm and gooshy), zucchini (a little firmer, something to bite into). im sucking on the round little pasta shells, making them pull at the inside of my mouth. i’m toying my lips around the edge of the plastic straw in my water glass. i’m concentrating way too hard on its cold, smooth roundness, pushing my lips out in a mild pucker.

really, what i’m thinking about is your cock. the moment i acknowledge this to myself, i feel my cheeks burning. it’s times like these that i’m glad no one can read minds like that character on “heroes.” even without mind reading powers, i feel certain that someone is watching me work my mouth around the various pieces of my lunch, the straw, the spoon. this idea makes me want to cringe, but totally arouses me.

momentarily, i notice the way i’m sitting. i’ve crossed my legs at the ankle, tucking feet back by exerting pressure on the balls of my feet. but my knees aren’t touching, although they’re within 2 inches of each other.

this tiny gap makes me feel like a bad little girl. there’s cool air circulating around my thighs. the hem of my (below the knee) skirt is, conveniently, raised over my knee when i’m sitting. the guy across from me isn’t looking, is he? no, it appears he’s on his cellphone. even so, i’m tingling all over.
this is the reason they call it a fixation, i decide, as i furtively dart the pink point of my tongue across the inside fleshy bit of my lower lip. this is the spot i suck on. this is the spot i sometimes bite when i cum, or when i’m trying to stop myself from cumming. at this moment, i’m running my tongue across it so gently that it almost tickles. this is the reason they call it a fixation. i can’t stop i can’t stop i can’t stop i can’t stop. all i can think about is my mouth. or more accurately: things in my mouth.

i remember how a guy i used to date would stick his fingers in my mouth sometimes. not while we were having sex (although occasionally when he would go down on me). he would stick his fingers in my mouth and move them in and out like he was fucking my face. he would do this in the car, or when i was sitting on the floor in front of him, watching tv. he would do it casually, in the middle of something. that’s what drove me absolutely wild about it. he would stick his fingers in my mouth like it was his to do what he wanted with. he didn’t ask. i don’t think i ever told him to do that. hell, i don’t think i ever admitted that i liked it (although maybe my eagerly parting lips and my rapid little tongue gave me away). i’m thinking about someone sticking something in my mouth. i’m beyond the point of caring exactly who, or exactly what. that’s why they call it fixation.

there’s something so terribly dirty (and terribly hot) about being at this point of wanting without caring. i’ve lost my pickiness. i’ve lost my pride. i want someone to stick something in my mouth. that’s all. i would be eternally grateful to anyone that did. i’ve lost my standards, i’ve stopped caring. i want someone to please, please, please stick something in my mouth. i’m thinking of the softness of my tongue and lips. i’m thinking of the hardness of your cock. but really, it doesn’t even have to be that nice. (considering i’m working my spoon over, i don’t think i’m in the position to judge).

i’m thinking of your fingers, and i’m wishing they were here. i’m thinking of your cock, imagining being on my knees. i’m so, so, so eager to wrap my mouth around something, anything.

but apparently, this spoon will have to do

that’s why they call it fixation.


  1. Mmmm, very nice, and I know just what you mean . . . only it’s various girl parts and actions that I’m fixated on . . .Nice to see you back.XO

  2. What the little girl stores up in those periods of disappearance should be studied as a potential alternative fuel because – BAM! – there is fire raging throughout this magnificent post.I think i had to remove a layer of clothing to compensate for the rise in temperature.

  3. Hey, you – what’s with the disappearing act? I would check back here every so often until I couldn’t remember why, exactly.But now I do.I was drinking tea as I read this…. I sucked on the spoon… I felt the hot liquid slide down my throat… and then I explored the inside of my lower lip with my tongue, thinking oh yes…Thank you, girl. now stick around a while…

  4. Gotta love the oral fixation 😉 Much Love, Sexxy

  5. You write beautifully :]

  6. This was one hell of an arousing post. It reminds me of when I used to do exactly the same to my ex – she loved it anytime when I push my fingers into her mouth, and her breathing went straight through the roof!

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