Posted by: littlegirlyone | May 19, 2009

flipping the "on" switch

lg’s note: i thought originally that i’d write about the items in my list in the order i posted them. roughly, that is the chronology of those experiences. then again, my post about my visit with persephone is more complex in plot, and requires a good deal of background. not to mention that i want to give her an editing pass before i publish . . .

so, it is with sincere apologies that i inform you that i’ve decided to skip to number 3. this is, admittedly, the most cryptic list item. i hope you enjoy.


did you know that i have an “on” switch?

i’m sure at least some of you have noticed, my sexual interest is quite capable of zooming from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds flat. i’ve mentioned before that it feels like someone flips the switch on inside me, and suddenly, i’m reveling in the sensual pleasures of spoons, and my mind is stuck in my panties.

the minor mystery was always what made the switch flip. there’s the obvious: a hand tangled in my hair, a kiss with teeth, being pressed back against a wall, being touched on the ass. but all of those require someone else’s hand/mouth/weight to work. what i’ve discovered is different: it’s the way i can flip my own switch, independent of anybody else.

for a girl that’s struggled with her sexualilty’s hold/cold routine, this is a momentous discovery. it means i can turn myself on. it means i know how to bring out the slut when i want to. intriguing and dangerous. exciting and scary. do i dare to tell you?

at the burlesque show (which is, as promised, a post in itself) i bought a pair of pasties. one of the performers made them, and sold them at intermission. i thought it would be a cute memento, and i liked the idea of supporting the dancer with my purchase. i joked with my friends that i’d have to sneak them out on mark one of these days. thought they might be a cute surprise.

they are pink, sequined hearts. with tassels.

the first tip should have been that i was mildly obsessed with talking about them, and talking about how i would get adhesive for them (aka eyelash glue). if i had been paying attention, i might have noticed my greater than average interest in trying these things out. but i didn’t notice. i thought it was all fun.

then, a few days after that, i decided to try them on. not having bought any eyelash glue, i decided to try using double-sided tape. i stuck a two inch strip inside the little cone of one of the pasties, and then peeled the backing off to reveal the doubled side. i pressed the little cone into my areola. the edges were a little bit rough, the sequins pressed a little bit uncomfortably into my tender, pink skin. after i attached the second one, i raised my eyes to the mirror.

for a girl with a nice rack, i’ve never really connected my submission with my tits. i mean, i’ve taken pics of them, and used them to get attention, but i’ve never thought of them as more than a showy, but sometimes inconvenient, physical fact. i’ve certainly never thought of them as such deliciously shiny toys. but, there, in the mirror, were these incredibly sexy, transfixing objects.

i turned myself on.

i thought: i need to put on some cute panties. so i dug out the frilliest, girliest, ruffled pink panties i own. i liked what i saw in the mirror, but there was one detail missing: the pigtails. once i put my hair up, it was complete.

i lifted up onto my toes and bounced my heels. the tassels wooshed around. my tits were transformed from something pedestrian to something shiny. something round, something beautiful. something slutty. i felt like a bona fide fucktoy. an object. a cute, pink, pigtailed, girly hole. i don’t think i’ve ever felt that objectified alone.


whipping my lingerie drawer open, i grabbed out four items in this order: lollipop vibrator. butt plug. lube. ball gag. i crawled to the center of the bed, still transfixed by the hot thing in the mirror. i rolled my hips from side to side. i admired the sway of my ass, the curve of my waist, the bounce of my pink, sequined titties. there was something so transfixing about them, i couldn’t stop looking. i grabbed the lollipop, stuck it in my mouth for a second, then pulled my panties to the side, and pressed it into me. i was slick, and my clit was already thumping. the vibrations felt amazing.


i grabbed the ball gag. i barely dropped my gaze as i opened my mouth wide, and bit around the shiny red ball. i fastened the strap behind my neck, and i pulled the ends of my pigtails out of the strap. i can never decide if my favorite part is the taste of the ballgag, or the way my mouth is filled. or the drool. but i know that the ballgag is a guaranteed, one-way ticket to melty-land. about one minute in, i had to lay down. my eyelids were heavy. i couldn’t keep watching myself.

laying on my back, i planted my feet wide on the bed. if i could just get my head together enough, i knew what i wanted next. i sort of half-rolled over toward the butt plug. i ran my fingers over it, and poured some lube onto the tip. my lube is white, opaque. i love the way it looks on my plug. it looks like cum. after moving the lube around with my finger, i pressed the tip of the plug against my ass. the lube was cold, wet. i thought about how good my titties had looked in the mirror. i thought about what a slutty little fucktoy i was.

i pressed the plug in.

the soles of my feet pressed into the mattress as my hips undulated up. i grabbed the lollipop again.

holy oh fuck mmmmmmmmm.

there is nothing that makes me shake harder, cum faster, grind longer, or tremble deeper than some snappy vibration on my slippery wet clit while there’s something in my ass.

perfect fucking storm.

so um, yes. i found out that a pair of pasties turns me into a ravenous slut. who would have ever guessed?


  1. so um, yes. comes as a complete surprise (grins)

  2. awesome. welcome back. 🙂 i just love your writing… it is always a treat.

  3. Pasties?…huh, go figure.

  4. Where did you find those adorable lollipops? Little girls like myself *love* lollipops.

  5. Did you disappear again?

  6. I'll never look at a girl sucking a lollipop the same way.Who am I kidding.Why would that change anything. 🙂

  7. You got a lot of mileage out of those pasties. Hope you keep enjoying them now that you realized your tits are much more than sometimes "inconvenient.'' Doubt many guys would agree with that word to describe them.

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