Posted by: littlegirlyone | September 9, 2009

putting myself in a fix

i confess: i have a wet spot for predicament bondage. not that i've experienced it. it's on my list of things i'd like to try someday (the list that just keeps on growing, to my chagrin).

but i realized something  this morning. although i've never had someone else create a dilemma for me, i used to love putting myself in a particular fix as a child. even today, if i really want to push myself over the edge of an orgasm, one of my go-to phrases is the command that i'd better cum RIGHT (fucking) NOW (or else…?)

i had this realization about my historical love for dilemmas when i was in the shower in my new apartment (yes, dearest readers, since my last post i have moved.) this was only my second morning there, and i noticed that the shower was equipped with a massaging showerhead. because i woke up feeling particularly frisky i started reminiscing about how i used to play with the massaging showerhead as a girl.

i'm not sure how i discovered that the massaging showerhead's excellence as a masturbation tool, but, by the time i was 12, i definitely knew how to use one. i used to take these incredibly long showers. after i was clean, i would plug the bathtub drain, and lay down in about an inch of water.

there were two ways that i used the showerhead.

for the first one, i'd put the showerhead on this hard spray setting where the water would come out of the three center jets in a relentless stream. i would point the stream at roughly the lower-center of the tub, then slide around on my back with my legs spread until i had positioned myself underneath one of the jets.

i liked this way because it was powerful, but the drawback was that when i would cum, i would arch my back. (i still do this when i orgasm on my back.) when i arched, i would lose the stream, and sometimes lose my O in the process. this was good because it kept me from cumming too hard, too fast, but it was also frustrating because i would get to the point of arching my back with pleasure, only to lose it when the steady jet stream of warm water lost its spot. i also liked how this technique left me a little bit at the mercy of the showerhead.

the second way, i'd take the showerhead out of the holder, onto the floor with me. i used a different setting for this one, because the powerful stream of the first one was too hard when i held the source so close to my tenderness. i used this pulsing massage setting, where the water would come out in tiny, throbbing pulses. this way was easier because i had more control over the spray, and i didn't lose it when i came. i could come more often, and much harder this way.

i almost always preferred the first way.  

but, (and here's the predicament) no matter which way i used the showerhead, i always plugged the bathtub. the water rising around me acted as an ingenious timer. the longer it took me to cum, the more water went in the tub. also, the more orgasms i had, the higher the tide of warm water would rise. i have visceral memories of laying in a pool of warm water, feeling it creep around my ears, then up around my cheeks. i remember laying on the floor of my bathtub, whispering to myself that i didn't have much time, and i better cum right NOW. i think it was my very first experience with putting myself in a fix.


  1. ohhhhh… this is so awesome and original and erotic! i love it… i wasn't expecting the predicament of the rising tide, but how beautifully you created it! i'm still amazed by how in touch you've been with your body, how in touch you've always been with your body. oohhhhhhh, i'm so glad you're back!!!

  2. *blushing*thanks persephone! it's nice to be back. i'm going to try for once a week 🙂

  3. So. Hot.Maybe this is also what you got (get?) out of the no-touching rule?

  4. ou sneaky thing! Suddenly. You're back.Good thing, too.Meanwhile, you make me want to rush out and buy a massaging shower head. but wait, considering how infrequently I'm allowed to cum, it probably isn't worth it.Damn. I sure do wish I could go masturbate… right this minute…

  5. […] After spending the morning in airports and planes, I couldn’t wait for a shower. I’ve written before about the massaging showerhead in my current apartment, and how I’ve rediscovered the joys of […]

  6. This is great! I know I’ve never commented before, but I’m going through your blog and I love it. What caught me about this post is that I used to do the exact same thing when I was younger. I never plugged up the bath, but because we ran out of hot water after a certain amount of time, I was always fighting the cold. Putting that time limit on the experience made it that much hotter, idk why.
    Brilliant post, and I love your blog. 😀

    • Thank you so much! It’s always great to hear when someone who’s been reading along is moved to comment. And, I love hearing about shared childhood experiences. It’s funny, we go through our childhood assuming that everyone must be just like we are. Then we go through adulthood feeling like no one could possibly understand. And the truth lies somewhere in between those two extremes, always.

      Thanks for the comment, and welcome to the blogosphere!

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