Posted by: littlegirlyone | October 23, 2009

project orgasm

hello readers of little girl’s submission,

i have an idea. i’ve been really missing the way that comments on bdsm journals used to be a conversation of their own. i think part of the decline in comment conversations is that almost everyone uses a reader now to capture all their favorite sites. i am guilty of this, too. while this is super convenient, it has made me miss the good old days when i had all my favorite urls memorized. i would type them in and hit “return” with anticipation, and squeal with delight when i saw that someone had updated.

these days, i open my reader. i still squeal with delight, but let’s just say, i’m as guilty as anyone of reading in the boring old google reader, and not visiting the lovely jewels my favorite writers have created to house their words.

so, i’m starting a series of posts about the feeling of different kinds of orgasms. i’ve always wondered if people feel similar sensations from similar stimulation, or if we’re as individually wired as i suspect. so i’m doing my best to categorize and describe the six distinctive kinds of cummings that i have either felt, or in some cases, have heard about. and i’d really like it if you would leave me your comments about what you feel that is similar or different. i’m going to give this a week, and see if you all participate, and if not, we’ll know my experiement has been a failure. so don’t be shy (i permit anonymous comments if you are) and participate in project orgasm! together, we’ll create a juicy database of the feelings of la petit mort.


the first one is the oldest, most familiar way.
i squish a pillow in half.
part knees, crawl on top, clench thighs together.
the middle of the pillow fold presses into my cunt. sometimes i press my hands behind the fold to add hardness. i squeeze my ass cheeks together, rubbing.
muscles tensing.
i lean forward, push harderfastermore.
my cunt gets hotter, my wetness spreads.
it almost feels like a workout, i have to press my pelvis so tightly, clench my ass. it hurts, makes me gasp. my muscles burn, and eventually, i cum.

this orgasm is very muscular. it comes through my ass muscles and my thighs, it is almost like burnout from lifting weights. it relies on tiredness, soreness, surrender. i can’t keep humping like this forever.

i can have multiples this way, but there’s a lot of heavy breathing. my pussy gets wet, but there’s no possibility of penetration. i can cum this way fully clothed. i just need to work my ass and have something to grind against. i could probably cum like this on someone’s lap, if they let me (now, there’s a thought!)

cumming this way used to be a ritual. it scratched my itch, helped me sleep. i’ve been using pillows like this (and for a spell, a giant stuffed mickey mouse) since i was 8 or so.

so, have any of you humped pillows or stuffed animals or knees or fists, and if so, what did the orgasm feel like? ladies, gentlemen, tell me what it felt like (or grab a pillow and give it a try, then report back!)


  1. Ok, I'm not the only one. I thought I was odd, like I didn't masterbate correctly. When I young I used a little stuffed bear, now a pair of rolled up socks. My husband made me do it in front of him once and I was really embarrassed, though I suppose there was no need to be embarrassed, I just hadn't done it in front of anyone. Usually when I was bored in front of the television or when I was too awake in bed and needed to get rid of some energy.

  2. The notion of a stuffed animal reminds me of a girl I know who started out with a stuffed unicorn, with very similar straddling and thrusting as you describe but often would finish with the horn.Of course that may be one of the other five categories, so sorry if I am jumping ahead.

  3. i've never had an orgasm this way, but i think of myself as kind of inexperienced where orgasms are concerned. i didn't even know what they were, that women could have them, until i was in college! and i didn't have my first one until i was almost 24 years old. it never occurred to me that muscle exertion would be part of cumming. i can't wait to read about the other orgasm types. and i would like to see if i can make myself cum in this way!

  4. HisKittin, I can't imagine anything more embarrassing than having to do that in front of someone. In fact, that is exactly what I fantasize about while I do it! There's usually a dinner party involved. I totally hump a pillow but these days I use my rock chick while I do it. It's a lot like you describe, LG, kind of painful (with the rock chick I have to be careful to avoid awful bruises on my pelvis) and a lot of hard work. But it beats all other masturbation methods in the level of desperation it elicits. Stopping midway would be very, very hard.

  5. yay kitten and penny!i love hearing that i'm not the only one, too. i agree with penny that the very thought of having to do get off this way in front of someone is embarrassing and makes a great fantasy. kitten, i would have never thought of socks! i'll have to try that. david, i don't think finishing with the unicorn's horn moves it out of this "category" so no worries. i've never actually penetrated myself while doing this one, though.persephone, i always forget that you aren't an old orgasm pro like me. i can't believe you were almost 24! i am so glad that you have them now, though. if you *do* try this way, i want to know what you think. report back!penny, i have been eyeing the rock chick for some time now, although i hadn't thought about using it in this way. pelvic bruises sound bad, but i have to admit, i've actually humped my pillow (and my fist underneath the pillow) so hard that i've bruised myself. never visibly, but i could feel it.i also think "desperation" sums this particular style up perfectly. it is sort of a frustrating orgasm that takes a lot of work, and a lot of writhing. all the more reason why it would be hard to do with someone watching (and all the more reason that makes excellent fantasy fodder).

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  7. The very first time I came was with a pillow in much the way you described; straddled on pillow with fingers underneath for hardness, muscles clenched. Like Kitten, I thought I was doing it wrong so while that's how I first did it I haven't in a very long time. Maybe I should try again!I definitely remember it being a very … almost tiring orgasm. Like I only came cos my muscles refused to cooperate any longer.

  8. Nope, never. I remember trying what I suppose is the male equivalent: pressing a pillow down against the mattress and thrusting into the tight space between them. It didn't work: I think it was kind of too domm-y for me.I am anxiously awaiting the rest of your list.

  9. Orlando, a variation on the pillow pressed against the mattress might be the "tight space" between the mattress and the box springs.

  10. I've been using a teddy bear for years now, but I've been way too embarrassed to ever admit to a boyfriend how I masturbate, HisKittin! Props for that. Your description was very apt, lg, though I find that even though I get off this way, I rarely get as wet as I do with more digital stimulation. It's definitely a work out though, and very much worth it.

  11. I read this and I chuckle when I think of the number of times I’ve laid on a female friend’s bed, rested my head on her pillow and had NO IDEA of the alternative uses.

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