Posted by: littlegirlyone | October 27, 2009

project orgasm: two

two is the buzzy, clitoral vibration kind.
i lay on my back, spread myself wide open with my fingers.
knees bent, feet flat (although,with a vibrator, i can cum in any position except for standing up*)

i favor vibrations on the underside of my clit, pressing up.
or on the left.
sometimes i move in circles.

this is the back-arching kind, the crazy screaming out loud kind, the holy-hell-it-hurts-and-i-can’t-stop kind.
this is a guaranteed multiple.

cumming from vibratory clitoral stimulation is very focused. whereas the pillow-humping kind has a general, clenching, muscular burnout feeling, this one’s more like there’s a hot point flicking in rapid fire between my legs. after the first one, i can feel my pulse in my pussy. blood swells around my clit, puffing it up, swelling the pink skin around it up. soon i’m throbbing, moving, gasping.

this sort of orgasm is a really, really intense driving feeling. i can feel each orgasm build, break, build, break and build. each time one breaks, it is more intense, hotter, than the one before. if i have more than two or three of these, eventually my clit sort of numbs out doesn’t respond. it is like it adjusts to the vibrations, and they no longer stimulate. but i’ve learned that if i keep going after this burnout feeling, i have the even bigger orgasms.

the big ones take full-body engagement. my back arches so hard, i lift my ass off the bed. my legs twitch, especially the little muscles that run on the inside of my thighs. (this is probably why i can’t, and shouldn’t, orgasm standing up). my stomach muscles, like my lower abdominals, even get involved and start fluttering. i’ve had eyelids, lips, and cheeks go into mini-spasms that i can’t control. this is sort of the ultimate in neuro-muscular sensational overload. i am always in awe of how buzzy stimulation directed at an area the size of a pea can have such an effect on my whole body.

soooo, this has to be one of the more “normal” masturbation techniques, and i think it’s pretty common (at least, for women) to have multiples this way, so tell me what you feel when you cum with a vibrator!

*11/11/09 I used the showerhead last night, and didn’t want to lay in the tub, and let me tell you: I came standing up! I came a LOT. giggle!


  1. I usually do the top or side of my clit with my vibe. I don't, unfortunately, get multiples. For me, it just builds and builds until I cum. One big orgasm. My thighs almost always start twitching, there's definitely back arching and moaning that I almost can't keep from doing. Then I have to take the vibe off my clit for a second, cos it feels almost too good, like I just can't stand it. My clit sort of throbs. I generally stop here, anyway, but if I keep going it feels like I'm right on the verge of cumming for a while before I get another big one. It's usually more intense than the last.These posts are really seriously interesting, can't wait to see all the responses!

  2. I relate to the almost-painful aspect. I often force myself to endure what feels like too much. If I want to relax, I focus the vibe on the hood and it might or might not slowly build up to an orgasm. But if I just make myself have the vibe right on my little naked clit, it's a quick ride to a jerking-my-hips-in-the-air orgasm. Multis? Sure. But I'm often ready for sleep after one.

  3. I was involved with a girl once who totally got off on vibrators, it really didn't take her long to cum. I don't get the same reaction personally but there was a guy I was involved with who could vibrate my clit with his fingers just so that I felt like I was vibrating and my leg actually would twitch a little involuntarily. It was amazing, but the guy ended up being a douche.

  4. well, the only way i can masturbate to orgasm is with a vibrator, and i use a VERY specific formula: my panties are on and i use the vibe through them, i lay on my stomach and hold the vibrator against myself with my left hand. i definitely come in at it from the front– i honestly have always done this with no real awareness of how close i am to my clit. sometimes i am waaaaay up at where my folds are just starting (or at least that's the way it feels– since i'm on my stomach i can't actually see it). sometimes if i start to feel overstimulated or otherwise feel like i'm "losing" it, i will go way down and rub the vibe over my vaginal opening, again through the panties, and that can revamp it for me.when the orgasm comes, it has a very clear feeling of starting between my legs. my whole body goes stiff and little tingles flash around my body. sometimes if it feels really crazy i will bang my head against the mattress– i just feel like i need to rock a little. muscle contraction is part of this but my whole body expands and contracts together: stiff and then relaxed, stiff then relaxed.i've never cum more than twice from this, though sometimes i can keep cumming for what feels like a long time. i seem to get overly stimulated sometimes and my girl-bits or fingers or both start to feel like they're vibrating by themselves even when the vibrator is turned off. that's an annoying feeling.the other thing about this kind of orgasm is that it's all about finding the right fantasy to focus on while i'm masturbating. i will file through various triggers until i find the one that feels right and then i'll focus on it while i build, all the way until the explosion moment. i've been experimenting with trying to keep the fantasy in my head even once i've started cumming, but it's hard for me to do that. usually once the orgasm begins i'm only thinking about it and i completely lose the plot of my fantasy.

  5. i love that there are so many variations represented here. clitoral vibration, unlike pillow humping, seems to be all about the minor details. fascinating.thanks ladies for your contributions to project orgasm. next installment: manual stimulation

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