Posted by: littlegirlyone | November 5, 2009

project orgasm: three

touching myself takes number three.
i can do this laying on my back, my stomach, or sitting in a chair.
this is similar to the vibration kind of orgasm, but less intense.
and it takes longer, usually waaay longer.

this is my preferred technique when i’m talking on the phone
or reading at the computer.

the key for this to work is that i have to be wet already.
i mean really wet.
(i told you it takes a long time).
if i’m not wet enough that i’m creaming my panties (like, leaking out of my cunt, girljuice sticking to the tops of my thighs) i really can’t get off this way.
if i’m not wet enough, it just hurts.
i’ve had mild success using spit (my own) to get started
or lube
but mostly, i just have to be very, very aroused already.

i reach down. unlike with a vibrator, i don’t hold my outer lips apart, i just leave everything how it is, and press my right index and middle fingers together. then i rub in a circle (i favor counterclockwise, but either direction will work).

these orgasms hit slower. what i mean is, i can feel when i’m close to cumming, and either keep going or stop. i can hold myself 10 seconds from cumming pretty easily with this method (by contrast, with pillow humping i have to keep going or just writhe in frustration and give up; and with vibration, i can’t seem to stop myself close enough to orgasm, but far enough to actually NOT cum). i can have multiples this way, but i have to be careful: i seem to rub too hard after i’ve had one orgasm, and then i’m sore for days afterward. (this just recently happened, so i’m particularly sensitive to it).

on a scale of intensiveness, i’d put these right in the middle of the pillow humping and the vibration  orgasms. i don’t get that hot, crazy, centered feeling of the vibrator, but the orgasm is much more direct than the humping kind.

i like this method for it’s sensuality. i am in touch with my body: i can actually feel how wet i am, how swollen my clit is, how hot my pussy is, and all the little throbs that happen as i orgasm. it’s very organic, and it’s nice because it doesn’t require anything i don’t always have with me (fingers).

let’s keep going, and you tell me: can you orgasm from your fingers? what is your favorite technique? and how intense are the resulting contractions?


  1. i'm the opposite of you, vibrator orgasms take a very long time and often just won't work. sometimes it's nice not to have to be quite so in touch but mainly i won't be feeling it or i'll be dripping all over and not feeling great or able to get off. this is my usual method. i rub straight up and down below my clit, sometimes over the urethra which can make for very deep intense orgasms. sometimes i press above my pelvic bone, which can feel very sweet for a long time. the other day doing so caused a surprise orgasm as i stretched out my legs. i didn't think i was going to come at all. when i do there can be a fair bit of variety. i like them shimmery. i like the afterglow, lying on my stomach.what i do mostly does not feel like a very sexy thing (hence i have been mixing it up a bit but really, my fantasies are very tactile-oriented). when i am relaxed it just feels so good. my orgasms have been known to go missing for a year at a time while i sit around slightly frustrated, just wanting to leave it alone but then feeling like part of me is missing and i want her back. lately i have been feeling more this way, hence my somber tone. wrenna

  2. I just have to say that these posts are amazing, the chronicle up to date is very sensual. I think for most guys the idea of a woman truly in touch with her own body is almost as exciting as a woman being in touch with OUR body.keep it going

  3. i sometimes enjoy this type of orgasm though i have to say i prefer using a vibrator. But with my fingers i use the same as you (unless watching/reading something online, then i use my left hand) and wiggle the tips against each other just over and against my clit. It is easier to hold my orgasms with this technique (than with a vibrator) by slowing down but often my Master tells me to get faster, making it harder for me to stop myself. When i masturbate for him i use my left hand to hold my pussy lips open so he can enjoy the view (He loves to watch me squirm).i have found these posts interesting but never had the guts to post a reply until now, thanks to the confidence my Master has given me in my submission. Keep up the great blogging 🙂

  4. Hmmm, I've never found being dry was a problem, probably because I don't really rub so much as manipulate. Middle finger in a fuck you position=– or in this case, a fuck me position–I wiggle the hood and clit together, up and down. No friction. I'll make circles if someone's watching or telling me to, but it's purely for them. For me, the need is for a very subtle movement. I've masturbated hundreds of times next to my husband in bed and he's never caught on. The orgasm is harder to hide – I like to groan and shift and thrust and spread my juices all over. But it's possible to restrain myself. And then the clean up – I'm certain he must know why I'm pulling multiple tissues out of the box half an hour after I've apparently gone to sleep.There are a few variations for me. Sometimes I'm in the mood to be mean to myself and I pull back the hood and stroke lightly back and forth over my clit. It kind of hurts. It feels like little electric shocks, but not NICE ones. It brings me to a quick, sharp, intense orgasm anyway.Hand-made orgasms tend to be full body clenches. They aren't so internal as G-spot orgasms. I don't feel them well up through my gut. I tend to be deeply satisfied and ready to drop off to sleep.

  5. It used to take Missy a long time with using only fingers; the vibrator was quicker for her. With me helping over Skype is an entirely different experience.She just cam for me over cam seven times in span lasting less than ten minutes using only fingers. She says she has never cum so hard or as many times without verbal help and knowing I’m watching/instructing. When I work on her she can give 10, 20, or 40 orgasm from just finger manipulation alone on clit, G-spot, anus, or simply inside her pussy. But alone without my help over cam, I don’t believe she has ever pushed herself past two or maybe three times a session; a day yes, but not in one shot. No doubt she could. Maybe I’ll tell her to do that and report back.I have no idea how many she give because I’ve yet to explore the limits of her ecstasy (we don’t get to see each other as much as we wish); as far as I can tell it is ‘limitless.’ Yet I suspect she has ability to cum over 100 times in a one hour session.She is rather amazing and quite unique. I’m writing about her in my new blog. Hard not to let the world know about such a secret, hard not to shout it out to the world:“LOOKEE WHAT I FOUND!”Interesting blog here, and we love many of the pictures you have on your daily blog, I just found you and will now read some more. Looks interesting..thank you.B

  6. wrenna: i am sooo curious about this pressing on the pubic bone technique. i might have to do some research 🙂 i also love your depiction of a "shimmery" orgasm. i'm not sure what that is, but i want one!sexybastid: wow! thanks 🙂 you know the best way to keep me going? tell me you think what i'm doing is hot (this applies in so many areas of my life, not just writing). so thank you thank you, i feel very inspired, and welcome!anonymous: thanks for getting up those guts, and i'm so happy to hear you're gaining confidence as a result of your bdsm life 🙂 welcome, and feel free to comment here whenever.penny: this is fascinating to me. while it feels good for me to do, i didn't know if i could actually orgasm without rubbing harder. i tried last night to use the middle finger only, and i did come eventually. and i came hard. twice. so i think you might be on to something. if i only use one finger, i'm much less likely to hurt myself, i think.B: wow, what a response. i love your blog's title, and look forward to reading more over there. i have to say, 100 orgasms sounds impossible, but i wouldn't ever say that it is impossible 🙂 glad you're enjoying my tumblr, and welcome to my journal. yay for so many new readers and commenters! makes me soooo excited about writing, i just can't even tell you.

  7. well, i will chime in late to say that i have never climaxed in this way. i don't even try. 🙂

  8. This is the only way I ever come. I'll always lie on my back, legs wide open, knees bent. I'll use my left hand to hold me open because I love feeling exposed. Then I'll use my right hand to rub my wetness up and down over my clit. Like meg mentioned in the vibrator post fantasies are really important,and if I'm on my own, and I will often trawl through different ones in my head until i find the right one!I usually try and hold off my orgasm as long as I can because once I've cum my clit is generally too sensitive to take any more!sometimes my bf can make me cum again if he carries on. He also can only make me cum manually, but in a totally different position.Its almost always him sitting on the sofa, and me squatting in front of him, (knees wide, balancing on the balls of my feet) with my ankles shackled and my wrists cuffed behind my back.(dressed as a schoolgirl…he has a huge fetish!) He'll take it in turns to touch me (always looking and watching and telling me how much of me he can see…and always telling me how wet I am!), then he'll re-cuff my hands in front of me, make me kneel in front of him, "shoulders back,tits out, face the front", and touch him (or suck him). He always cums first, then he'll finish me off as my reward for being a good girl :)My orgasms usually feel like a big explosion between my legs and if I'm with my bf he has to cover my mouth to stifle my screams!!(if I'm on my own i tend to just squirm around whimpering!!)I'm gonna read project 4 now! 🙂

  9. wow, sweetpea. i think your way of cumming with your boyfriend just became my newest fantasy 🙂 i do the same thing, flipping mentally though various stories to get myself off. i think a lot of women do this, the same way a lot of men flip through different visual images?

  10. hi little girl!these are a great series of posts. i'm getting all kinds of new ideas to experiment with. ;-)like penny, i wiggle my clit and hood together and avoid the friction. it's really easy for me to become over stimulated so i usually start by moving my whole mound in circles with my fingers and gradually focus the attention closer to my clit as i become more and more aroused.i usually need to add some nipple stimulation when i masturbate to get me over the edge. usually clothespins or clamps. it's quite rare that i can bring myself to orgasm myself without paying some (usually painful) attention to my nipples.i don't think i've commented before, but i've been reading and loving your words for a long time now. glad you're posting more regularly. 🙂

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