Posted by: littlegirlyone | November 9, 2009

project orgasm: four

four is the pussy-penetration kind.
this is the kind i always have with a partner (as opposed to the first two, which i always have alone, and the third kind which i can have solo or duo). being with someone makes this sort of orgasm extra special to me because i love to be watched, most especially when i’m cumming. there is something about the feeling of eyes on me that drives me up the wall.

i pretty much have to be on top for this one*, facing my partner. this position used to bother me–i always wanted to do it doggy style–but once i realized that i could orgasm, i stopped caring if my boobs bounce too much, or if i feel too “in control.” now i just enjoy the ride.

like touching myself, i can feel this orgasm coming, and sort of time it. i get past a certain point, and it only takes a handful of well-timed lap-grinds to make it happen.

this orgasm has almost nothing to do with in-n-out thrusting
this has everything to do with my pussy grinding on your pubic bone.
it’s the offspring of my pillow-humping and finger-flicking orgasms
with some delicious, hot, throbby hardness inside me
and hearing my partner moan.

multiples? when can’t i have multiples?
i can cum as many times as you want
as long as you can take me pressing
and occasionally, bouncing
on your lap.

the actual feeling of the orgasm is a little bit clenchy, and a little bit clitty
i’d put these right there with the digital orgasm on the intensity scale.
but these orgasms get high marks on the pleasure scale
because i get to share them
with you

anecdotal research says that these are less common, but i wonder if that’s true for my readers? can you orgasm when you get your pussy fucked? in what position? do you need additional stimulation (vibrator, fingers) or does the lap grind work for you?

ahem—excuse me while i go beg mark to fuck me πŸ™‚

* there was the anomalous time that i came in the missionary position, but i’ve never been able to replicate it. notably, i was in my girlhood trundle bed with my parents downstairs, sneaking a quickie in with my boyfriend, so maybe the “getting caught” aspect was more at play than the position itself.


  1. i can climax during sex in any position, and i can have multiples. it's actually hardest for me to cum when i'm on top… i don't do the grinding thing, it's the internal stimulation that does it. when i cum during sex, it is really obvious that i very suddenly get very wet, more so than that happens in any other way of cumming. i'm not sure if that's because i've got someone inside of me getting all in touch with that or what. i cum the hardest in the legs-over-my-head position, which i think happens because he's hitting my G-spot.i agree that the best part of orgasms during sex is that they happen with him. sharing them in such an intimate way really does make them better.

  2. I can come during sex if I'm on top, doing the grinding-against-the-pubic-bone. I come in about the same fashion : it feels about half clit/half pillow-hump. And again, it only happens once. I don't know if my body just HATES me?! LOL! But I've never really tried for more because it takes me so long, I feel like I 'lose the feeling' afterwards.I've read about how rare it is, but I think this sort of orgasm is amazingly psychological and a lot of girls psych themselves out.

  3. When I was younger I felt I needed to be on bottom facing him during sex, but now we find that it works better for us if I am facing downward below him. He claims it's so he doesn't have to fight my legs as they are up in the air. Depending on the angle and the mood I can cum in either position. The mood seems to play into it for me, but when he can get my body to cooperate and lie with my hips flat down–that can be magical. I can have multiples at times, but I find I like shorter, harder, faster times for sex for one main orgasm and I will agree that it is even better if we can end together.

  4. LG, my experience is almost exactly as you describe! Only I can't really time it. The pleasure is very different, though, from other methods. It's more about release and sharing and how my orgasms just tend to go on and on and on and on as long as the fucking continues. I have these somewhat painful full-body contractions, and sometimes I just want it to stop because my muscles are soooo tired. But I can't really stop once I start unless something changes. Like, we stop fucking.

  5. persephone, it sounds like we have totally different sex-orgasms. i'm totally fascinated by g-spot orgasms because it's one of the ones i've never had (you will have to write them up for me for Project Orgasm 7).nebbish, i definitely "lose the feeling" after an orgasm, but i've found with lots of practice that if i keep going after that (even though i'm usually tired) i will cum again. and i will cum harder. you might try it sometime, but if it doesn't work, i wouldn't worry! once is great (and that's all most fellas get, you know)hiskittin, just because you *can* doesn't mean you *should,* right? i am with you, in that usually i cum once, at the end, then my partner cums, and then we stop. but it's nice for a gal to have options ;)penny, i want what you describe! my orgasms peak and fall. if i could feel orgasmic throughout the whole sex act, i don't think i'd ever want to stop (i have that problem with vibrators and my shower head where i keep going and going and going…)

  6. i'm with meg on this one. i can cum during sex in any position, over and over again. and, also like meg, being on top is the least effective for me. maybe because i feel i need to concentrate, and i quickly get dizzy and overwhelmed and just want him to flip me over and take the reigns's definitely the internal stimulation for me too. the milking and contracting. mmmmmm. some added clitoral stimulation is definitely pleasurable, but not at all necessary.these are my favorite orgasms. i love the feeling of being filled by him and feeling my body respond to his thrusting by clinging to his cock. and of course, knowing that he's watching me. my facial expressions. my contorting body…oh my.damn! i need to go find myself a man toy. being single at a time like this sucks! πŸ˜‰

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