Posted by: littlegirlyone | November 25, 2009

project orgasm: six

six is the biggest kind i have
the hardest
squirmy on the bed
trembly in the thighs
holy fuck don’t ever stop
babbling ridiculous
six is the anal orgasm
and it is my very most favorite
extra special yummy
please, please, please let me
pleasure power punch.

now that i got that out, i have the challenge of describing how it feels to cum with something in my ass. admittedly, i am grouping a bunch of possibilities together. i’ve had ass-based orgasms from anal beads, buttplugs, fingers and cocks. i’ve had them with no thrusting at all or with serious fucking. but the one thing they all have in common is the lingering impression that i came so hard. these orgasms make all of the others i’ve written about seem like a tickle compared to the anal orgasms’ full-body massage. these tend to last longer, too. long enough for me to realize i’m spouting something like fuckyeahohmyfuckinggoddamnfuckmylittleasspleasepleasepleaseplease out of my mouth. the sensation of cumming hard comes from my pelvic floor muscles gripping and releasing whatever is in my ass. for some reason, having something in there makes the contractions of my orgasm fiercer and more prolonged. by the end of one of these orgasms, i feel absolutely wrung out. 

i also have to acknowledge the mental component that makes these orgasms work for me. the very thought of someone fucking my ass is enough to get me aroused. the thought of cumming with something in my ass is enough to push me over the edge. so the few times it has actually happened, i’ve been so breathless with desire, and my brain has been so into it, that i could probably cum from someone blowing on my clitoris (although, it wouldn’t be nearly as nice).

i have relatively few memories of a particular orgasm, but there are a few that i remember vividly in entirety. it’s as though i have a tape in my mind i can replay over and over again (with sensations). my favorite of these happened with john, way back almost 3 years ago. it was just before christmas, i remember the lights and the music in the lobby of the hotel. i was dressed in an outfit that totally aroused and humiliated me (a short, pleated gray skirt, over-the-knee black socks, maryjanes, and a black button down shirt.) i remember he kept my skirt, socks and shoes on. i don’t remember what else we did, but i do recall the exact position, the feeling, the incredible fantasy come true of him sliding his cock into my ass. i was on my back, my legs were stacked against his chest. i remember the hot, burning, stretching feeling. and then the warm fullness. i remember looking up at his face and my legs, covered to the knee, then bare goosebumped skin of my thighs. every piece of me standing at attention. present. relishing. i can still see the look on his face, and hear the hot, desperate, needy edge in my voice when i stuck my fingers between my legs and started furiously rubbing my clit. i can hear his warm encouragement, telling me to cum then, and hard. and the look on his face when he reported that he was all the way inside my ass. that pushed me over, and i started shaking and blubbering and clenching and writhing, and hotfuckinghell i came and i came and i came and i came and it felt like forever in the center of all that is good about sex.

so, tell me what it’s like for you to orgasm with something in your ass. do you feel all clenchy? does your body feel wrung out when you’re done? are they your favorite kind, like mine, or a little too intense? i’m enjoying your comments so much, please tell me what you think!


  1. lg,Surprise — I am going first! Well, the way you described anal sex was especially exciting because I love the school girl outfit in the mix. I love being the naughty teacher with his school girl, and your outfit fits the role superbly.I'll give you anal from a man's perspective, a Dominant man who loves it. It's extremely fun and doubly arousing for me — especially when I start with the woman in the cur skirt outfit. And, by the way, cute panties fill the bill even more (like innocent white cottons!!). The process of lifting the skirt behind and doing it suddenly puts me ininstant control, because I do it with no announcement. I just lift the skirt and say, "It's time for a new lesson from your teacher…" or something close to that. Now, lifting the skirt, pulling down the panties… all the steps before getting the cock in are part of the arousal for me, and uslally the woman as well. I usually use lubication — Astroglide is nice — simply because I love the smooth feel of sliding in. On the lubrication point, it seems to be very personal from woman to woman — some need lubrication, while other like the rough feeling that comes without the lubrication. I usually know what my partner wants.I also ADORE a woman on her knees, and have found most submissive women love being on their knees — unless it's for a very extended period of time. Then the knees get tired, and — one never wants to tire out the recipient! After all, after one orgasm , the desire for another can come pretty fast.I personally prefer a woman with a soft ass– a gentle, soft body. There is a real appeal in sinking into a soft ass — skinny does not do it for me. And, the ass is always tight upon entry, so it's impossible for me to insert and push in with out getting very excited. Once inside, the pumping and throbbing feel very good for a man, and coming with a hard gush in the ass hole is a real joy!Sometimes I like to precede the fucking with a nice spanking. There is something even more enticing about fucking as ass that has been spanked– it is vulnerable, showing some color, and much more inviting. The spanking component depends on my mood, and the sub I am with, but I would say I prefer adding it to the mix more often than not.All of this feels… so, so, so good, from the male perspective.I know few submissive women who do not like it in the ass — and the way an ass fucking makes a woman go into sub space adds that much more excitement to the activity.As all of you guessed, anal is my favorite way to fuck, but not the only way for me.I guess I have started this comment strong off with a male perspective. lg — anal is obviously exciting for you too …. look forward to reading what other write…Till later — Jake

  2. PS — I must have been excited when I typed about anal because I see a few mispellings! Apologies, will type more s l o w l y next time. J

  3. My god that post was hot!!This is a HUGE fantasy of mine, but as yet–9 years into our relationship–has not happened(and I'm not sure it ever will!!), but I do cum very hard thinking about it! 😀

  4. My God, when my Master fucks my ass it is pure heaven. I love nothing more than to tell him, Daddy, please hurt me, please come in my ass. I love the pain. There is nothing like it. There is nothing like him bending me way over with my ass in the air, ramming his cock into my butthole, fucking me so it hurts. I love giving him by body this way and he loves taking it. Every sub must give her Dom full control over her asshole. It is a necessary part of submission. Your anus is not yours, it is His, to abuse and fuck how he wants. Sweetness,

  5. I have never had an anal orgasm.I'm kind of on the fence about the whole anal thing … I think the *idea* of my owner just doing it is really hot. The *idea* of 'it's wrong and i'm gonna do it anyway' is really hot. The *actual act* however? I've only done it once or twice and once I got past the hurty [btw – that post you made on the subject awhile back was really helpful!] it was just UNCOMFORTABLE. Maybe I'm doin' it wrong, maybe it's purely mental, but I don't particularly enjoy it & thus haven't been able to relax into it enough to do anything but squeeze my eyes shut & pray for it to be over.Jeeze, that sounds terrible!

  6. nebbish — It CAN hurt, but for most submissive women that is part of the excitement. If the hurt is too much, there are lubricants which ease the activity. But if you crave it, let your Master do it. Jake

  7. Jake — While I'm somewhat of a masochist, it's more like pain in the wrong place. Like being bitten on the back. That just HURTS!Perhaps not fighting might make it easier, tho … And save myself some trouble ;D

  8. I believe anal should be taken slowly, at least for myself so that the muscles don't tense up too much. I have found that if I keep myself stimulated while He enters it also works better, and you have to remember to breathe and not clench up. He enjoys it and I know I don't allow Him to do this very often and even though we had one bad experience with it I should do it more often, but I don't always like the feeling of Him putting his fingers in my ass to start with.

  9. all good suggestions — it really helps if the Dom fingers the ass hole for awhile before entering. And the fingering feels very nice. Anal does not have to be a rough, fast entry. If the sub has problems with rough, then lubrication and pre-fucking fingering can help a lot. J

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