Posted by: littlegirlyone | December 30, 2009

Killing the Flame, part 3

I’m going to fast-forward an hour. An hour in which I lost my sweater and my jeans. An hour in which my clothing was reduced to pink knee socks, a lacy tank, bra, and panties.  An hour in which we kissed, and tumbled and danced on the edge of the line we’d never crossed. An hour where I pressed and ground and danced my fingers lightly across the rock hard, throbbing, hot part of him I still hadn’t seen. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered more patience in a man. It was actually sort of irritating.

I wanted him to get aggressive with me. I wanted to feel that click of dominance that happens with even vanilla guys: that moment when he’s had enough of my cockteasing, and makes a move toward his belt. But Alan wasn’t wearing a belt, and he wasn’t, it seemed, ever going to get tired of my cockteasing.

I looked down to where our bodies overlapped. The head of his cock was sticking out of the waistband of his sweats. I was ready. He wasn’t going to push me. It was time. I bent over his torso, burying my face under my mass of tangled hair. I lapped my tongue around his hot, pink head, and heard him groan. Jackpot. I did it again. I was still waiting for him to bring on the control, but it didn’t seem like it was going to happen. So I just did what I wanted, made myself happy, and sucked the head of his cock the way I liked.

Finally, I felt his hand on my head, gathering my hair. I quickly realized he was just moving it out of the way so he could watch. That’s sexy. But of course, I wanted him to pull my hair. I wanted to be directed completely by his hands. And, I’m not the most patient girl, so I lifted my mouth up, looked him straight in the eye and said, “you can pull my hair harder, if you want to.”

“I know I can,” he replied. I’ll pull it harder when I feel like it.”

I worked him over with my mouth for easily 30 minutes, all the while waiting for him to grab me harder. He didn’t. After a while, I stopped hoping for it, and just focused on what was between my lips. It’s not often that I get turned loose on a mouthful of cock for so long, and with so little directive. I did all kinds of things I never take the time to do, like spend a long span of time flicking my lower lip over the little ridge between his head and his shaft. Talk about a nuanced blowjob. I felt my mouth so much more than I usually do. I focused on what felt good in my mouth, and listened to his breathing and whispers to make sure he thought it felt good too. I totally lost myself on his cock. It was trance-like. I was just there, working him over. I was just my mouth. He had almost no urgency, and never seemed to get to that point that most guys do where they have to stop me, or have to come.

I don’t remember when or how we moved. The next image I have is me kneeling between his knees, still sucking him off. Except now he was in a chair, and I was on the floor.  And finally, he was so hard. My favorite tactile sensation during a blowjob is that point where his cock gets hot and really solid feeling. Alan was there, almost ready to burst. I relished it, tried to soak it all in: his throbby, gorgeous cock between my lips, the gentle way he was holding my hair out of the way, the burny feeling in my jaw, the spit all over my face. I started moving with more of a steady rhythm. He held my hair in one hand, and wrapped his other around the base of my neck. When he got really close, backed my mouth off, and wrapped the hand from my neck around himself. He still had a soft grip on my hair.

Three or four quick strokes, and he popped. He pulled my face back over, and I lapped at the come that was sliding down his shaft, bubbling out of the tip, pooling at the base. “Be gentle,” he reminded me.

I smiled, and took it down a notch to little presses of my tongue, flicks across the head, and soft whispers of lips. He came for a while, and I licked and cleaned him up as best I could. And then I looked up at him with a wicked little smile teasing the corners of my mouth, and said, “you’re still hard.”


  1. ohhhhh… this was so…. dirty. 🙂 love it. 🙂

  2. Oh my, well girls who start out with cute, pink knee socks are bound to be treated specially…

  3. I think that was the best description of giving head I've ever read. Brava, really. Brava! It was hot and smart and thoroughly enjoyable.

  4. little girlI have been eagerly anticipating this third part to your story and I dare say it was well worth the wait. I could not help but find myself salivating as I read the passion in which you lapped and worshiped his cock. There is something intoxicating when I feel the soft flesh of an aroused cock turn hard, rigid, almost as though it were made of steel rather than tissue.Thank you for sharing such an intimate and greedy exchange.~a

  5. Thank you so much everyone!Remittance Girl, that is really an incredible compliment coming from you. I'm humbled. Thank you.

  6. Very good, litle girl! Cocksucking is such a great way to spend some time, isn't it? ;)As Samantha would say "You may be on your knees, but you got him by the balls." Heh heh

  7. […] I’m positive he enjoyed it, the first blowjob had been all about me. I did what I wanted. I felt that little rush of sexual power that comes when […]

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