Posted by: littlegirlyone | April 26, 2010

In the Middle of An Airport

I was stuck in the airport, trying to keep myself entertained. They kept paging this flight for the city where Daddy lives. It was also delayed. It made me think about what it would be like to get on that plane instead. It made me think about what it would be like to meet for the first time.

You see, Daddy and I haven’t met, yet. I am confident that we will, someday, but there’s no date on the calendar. We have been known to spend fair amounts of time coming up with ideas for where and when and how. I love those conversations, they always make me feel extra secure and excited.

Anyway, I had time to kill in the airport, and my trusty laptop handy. I decided to write a little story about meeting for the first time, inspired by my location. I hope you enjoy it.


We planned our flights so they were close together: arriving within 10 minutes, same airline. I’m supposed to get in first, then come and wait for you at your gate. I know I’ll be nervous, unable to stop fidgeting with my hair, pulling on my clothes. I’ve prepared myself for that. I just want the plane gods to give me enough time between when I land and when you land to run to the bathroom and check myself. But 10 minutes is pushing it.

Sitting, waiting on the plane for takeoff, my emotions are all over the place. I’m nervous, thrilled, worried and excited. I wore something cuter than I would normally bother with for a plane flight: a skirt, cute panties, and a little tank with ruffles, layered under a jacket.

Every second that I sit there feels like an hour passing by. I feel like I can’t wait any longer. I want you here, holding me. I want to know what your arms feel like, and see your hands. I want to know what your neck smells like, and how your eyelashes curl. I want to run my fingers through your hair. I want to taste your mouth. And that’s just the beginning.

My plane is a little later taking off than scheduled. Nothing major, just 15 minutes. Just enough to make me unsure if I’ll still land before you do. I had imagined it one way, and now it might be another way. Oh God, I’m so excited.

I feel bad for the guy sitting next to me. He thinks I’m a total spaz because I have to get up so many times to use the bathroom. Every time I go, I think of the first thing you ever asked me to do for you: masturbate in an airplane bathroom. I think about how I didn’t do it, and how I didn’t really care that I didn’t do it. I remember how casual I was about you then. At that time, you were just some guy I’d been emailing. I refused to feel badly about not listening, especially on a crowded flight in a little plane with one bathroom.

I’m not casual now. The idea of not doing something that you asked of me is so foreign. I can’t stop giggling in the bathroom, thinking about how much more I would do for you here, today. It’s only a few months later, but I feel like I’m completely yours. It’s not that I don’t have any resistance, I do. It’s that now, I swallow it, hard. I care so much about what you ask, and what you like. That girl from December is far, far away.

I feel like I couldn’t be more yours, and yet, I know that after seeing you and holding you, and having your hands on me…I know that I will be, impossibly. I know that the way I feel in these final hours waiting to see you will seem as far away, as unfathomable as December feels. I know it, and yet, it is so hard to imagine: how could I be any more yours? And, of course, how couldn’t I be?

When the wheels hit the runway on landing, I break into a smile. You and me: within the same city, the same airport. Breathing the same air, looking at the same blue, cloud-spotted sky. It feels like my birthday and Christmas morning. It feels like the best day of my life, taxiing toward an airport terminal where you might already be.

I want to trample every person in front of me getting off the plane. I remind myself to soak in this last moment when I only know you one way. To open myself to knowing you in so many more ways.

Oh God, will these people ever move?

Finally, blessedly, I grab my little carry-on from the overhead bin, and drag it behind me. I walk as quickly as I can without running. My plane is late; is yours? Will you be at the end of the ramp? Will I recognize you? Will you recognize me?

Too quickly, and not quickly enough, I’m at the end of the walkway. I scan people, chairs bolted to the floor, flight attendants. And there, leaning against the far wall…

My eyes tear up: it’s you. It’s you! And at that moment, I see you see me. You uncross your arms. You stop leaning against the wall. And just like in a movie, everything else drops out of my consciousness. It’s just you and me.

In the middle of an airport.


  1. ohhhhhhh, i love it! so romantic! so beautifully written. great job. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. yes, this was a gorgeous fantasy. ๐Ÿ™‚ i love the real emotions and feelings tangled up with the dream.

    “Iโ€™m not casual now. The idea of not doing something that you asked of me is so foreign. I canโ€™t stop giggling in the bathroom, thinking about how much more I would do for you here, today. Itโ€™s only a few months later, but I feel like Iโ€™m completely yours. Itโ€™s not that I donโ€™t have any resistance, I do. Itโ€™s that now, I swallow it, hard. I care so much about what you ask, and what you like. That girl from December is far, far away.”

    brilliantly done! and achingly beautiful. i hope you get to meet him soon. xox

  3. hey! how come meg gets her ‘picture’ by her comment and i get this weird kaleidescope thing? “pout!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    is that something i can change? i’m a little slow when it comes to this computer stuff. lol

    • I think you have to register yourself with wordpress (like create an account with them) and then you can customize your avatar. Maybe Meg can confirm that’s what she did?

      • Hmmm . . . I’m thinking 3 days wouldn’t be nearly enough. You might just get through all of the positions on the bed by then ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I’m teasing . . . the tension and magic of the first meet is plenty, and you described it very, very well.


  4. Mmmm, I liked this too. Very sweet and romantic, yet charged with expectations, needs, and secret desires.

    Airports are so public and yet so lost-in-the-crowd anonymous, aren’t they? Good setting for all sorts of hijinks, lol.

    So . . . what happens next? ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Well, after we meet, we hole up somewhere for 3 days of fucking, of course!

  5. Let’s hope the reality of your first time meeting him will match your fantasy.’

    Gosh, you are such a good writer when it comes to writing fantasies. I can imagine it turned you on just writing it.

    You must have be tempted to jump on that plane to his home city.


    • Thanks, FD. This is one of my personal favorite pieces. Every time I read it, I feel that excitement of imagining him. It’s really quite exciting and so much fun.

  6. I just love this…so sweet and vulnerable and perfect. I hope you get to meet your Daddy soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    xoxo, Missy

    • Thanks, Missy. Actually, there’s a plan in the works. I think by the end of the summer, we’ll have officially met! Very exciting news for me, indeed.

      • Yahoooooooo!!! I cannot wait to hear allllll about it! xo

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