Posted by: littlegirlyone | May 19, 2010

Help me help you…

I received the following question on my tumblr:

I’ve been reading your blog, and Meg’s, as I’ve been realizing that my sexuality has a lot of important submissive elements. At least some of that was feeling irrationally ashamed of my own submissive desires, moreso than other elements of my sexuality. However, a lot of the writing I’ve found online about this is from the perspective of bisexual and straight women interested in being dominated by men, and secondarily, if at all, interested in being dominated by women. Because I’m not much attracted to men, male domination feels more threatening than arousing. I’ve speculated about the psychological reasons for that, but for the most part, it’s just one of those things that is. I’m wondering if you know blogs like yours written by submissive, intellectual women who write about their sexuality, but from a lesbian perspective?

The first blog that came to mind was Kelsi’s Submissive by Nature. Which made me think of Kara and Jessica. And of course, there’s always the sexy Sugarbutch (who isn’t submissive, but writes about D/s from a F/f perspective).

Do any of you have any suggestions for my reader? Any recommendations for F/f blogs written specifically from a submissive’s perspective?

Help me out in the comments section, and I’ll pay you back with a post by Friday afternoon…


  1. your reader needs to look at alena’s blog. she writes about a lesbian relationship with her syr (whom she sometimes calls daddy).

  2. Hey person who commented on LG’s tumblr/LG =]

    “Her little girl” is a pretty good blog about a submissive woman and her (female) Daddy. She’s still having a bit of trouble with submitting entirely, but she’s making great progress on her journey. I’d definitely check it out!


    • Haha, I had opened this page last night and left it, so I didn’t see Meg’s post before mine. Great minds think alike and all that =]

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