Posted by: littlegirlyone | May 21, 2010

A Hurty Week, part 1

It might be a very hurty week, pumpkin

-Daddy, May 10 2010

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Mother’s Day. I hadn’t expected to see much of him since weekends aren’t usually the best time for either of us, and it was a holiday. Often, especially if I don’t think we’ll talk much, I send him pictures that I think he’d like, or that make me think of him. This Mother’s Day, I sent him this.

I wrote, when I see girls suffering with clamps, I always think of you.

That’s true. I’d never had my nipples so much as twisted before I met him. But that didn’t earn me a warm up or anything. I didn’t get to start with pinches, move on to tweezer clamps, graduate to clothespins. No, Daddy had me go straight to the most painful clamps I had ever heard of: the clover clamps (the kind shown in that picture, that get tighter when you pull the chain and bite into the flesh with their little teeth.)

Originally, they were purchased as punishment. And that’s the only way he’d ever used them on me. And, I have been a good girl. There’s nothing to be afraid of when you’re a good girl, right? There’s nothing to get punished for, nothing to fear. So I guess I thought it would be alright to go ahead and send Daddy pictures of girls in pain just because. I sort of forgot that he could also decide to hurt me just because.

Silly girl.

Less than three minutes after I sent him that picture, he told me to turn my webcam on and get the clamps. My stomach knotted. All I remember about the clamps is how much they hurt. And they really, really hurt.

“Get down to your panties,” he ordered.

I stripped.

“Are you ready to hurt for me, piglet?”

“My heart is pounding,” I said meekly, dropping my eyes.

“You look so scared. It’s cute.” He knows that this kind of condescending statement does all kinds of things to me.

“I’m nervous,” I admitted.

“Clamp those pretty tits for me, pet. Fix your camera so I can watch.”

I pushed my laptop back a bit, and adjusted the angle. My stomach was all sick with adrenaline by then. I grabbed my left breast, licked my finger and rubbed it against my nipple to make it hard. Then I clamped the cold metal right behind my pink nub. It wasn’t as bad as I’d remembered, and I took a breath of relief as I clamped the right one. Not so bad. I still didn’t like the weighty chain swinging between my breasts, but as long as I held still, it was bearable.

“Where’s your vibrator?” He asked.

“In the closet.” I thought about the Hitachi’s role in this situation. This didn’t sound half-bad. My anxiety started to lift.

“Go get it, and move quickly, bitch.”

I stood. There was no escaping the chain when I had to walk to the closet, and reach for the Hitachi on the shelf above my clothes. I accepted the stinging discomfort, and tried to sway as little as possible. I certainly let out a few yelps though, reaching up for the wand, then bending over to plug it in. That chain is really the most torturous part of those.

Sitting back in front of the computer, I asked, “On?”

“On,” he confirmed. I flicked the button and nuzzled the big round head against my pussy. At least that felt nice.

“Let’s see it,” he commanded.

I tilted the computer screen so he could see my panties.

“Oh, that’s not for your clit, silly. That’s for your nipples. Now, let me see your face while you do that.”

Blushing, I lifted the computer screen, adjusting the camera again so I was visible from the waist up. I pressed the rubberball-head of the wand into my breast, the fleshy part. It moved like Jello, but it didn’t really hurt. I moved the wand up, toward my little pink nipple. The vibration was intense, but still, not altogether unpleasant. They distracted me from the sting of the clamps, at least. I relaxed slightly with a sigh. Then, I jumped in my chair, yelping uncontrollably.

“What was that?” he asked.

“I–it touched the clamp. The metal. Omigod, it hurt!” I panted, moving the horrible white head away from the metal, and balancing it carefully on the tip of my nipple instead.


“So, it hurt really bad.”


“So? So…” I was a little slow on the uptake. “So you want me to do that some more?”

“Of course.”

I pushed the head of the wand back into the metal. It made a really loud buzzing sound. And it stung like nothing I had ever felt in my life before.

“I–I don’t like it,” I pleaded.

“Is this supposed to be fun? Tell me? Is this supposed to be something you like? Something nice?”

I dropped my eyes.

“Tell me. What’s it supposed to be?”

“Hurty?” I said softly, whimpering now.

“Hurty. And why is that?”

“Because you want it. Because you said so.” I couldn’t stop the whine in my voice. It really, really hurt. I was miserable.

“Because it makes my dick hard, and that’s all that matters. Now shut up, and do the other one.”

I moved the vibrator to the left side, whimpering softly as it made contact and started that horrible, stinging buzz.

“Stop whining and look at me,” he said.

I raised my eyes to the camera, tried to silence myself.

“Not a sound,” he continued. “Not a peep.”

The buzzy stinging increased to an almost unbearable level. I sucked air in quickly, a little gasp of it hissed in the back of my throat.

“Not even that,” he said. “I want silence. Just fucking hurt. Nobody wants to hear a bitch whine. It’s boring. Of course it hurts. It’s supposed to hurt. Your job is to take it, whatever it is.”

I closed my mouth, tried to think about other stuff. I wanted to close my eyes, but he had told me to look at him. I glued my gaze on the camera, focused on the little green light. I had never hurt so much. After what felt like a long time, he told me to pop the clamps off. I knew that was going to be painful, but I was thankful to be done. My hands shook as I opened the little horrors, and I rubbed my nipples, closing my eyes, breathing as quietly as I could, soothing my flesh with my flesh.

“Shhhhh,” he shushed me. That always gives me the most erotic shivers. “You did good, piglet. Hurts, doesn’t it?”

I nodded, just relieved.

“Put them back on, right now.”

I’m pretty sure my jaw unhinged. Then I quickly dropped my incredulous gaze, and reapplied the clamps. My nipples were fiery hot pink. And overly-sensitive. It definitely hurt when I put them back on.

“Now,” he said, “Put the chain in your mouth.”

It was at this moment that I remembered that he’s a sadist. I almost started crying right then, but I fought the tears. He didn’t want my whining. I put the chain between my teeth. I hate this most of all. It’s humiliating. It makes me desperately aware of how heavy and big my boobs are. And, it hurts like a motherfucker. Hate hate hate.

“Arch your neck, piglet. Higher. Higher.”

I didn’t think my neck could go any further back. It felt like my nipples were going to pop off in a blaze of hot, stinging fire.

“Good girl. Now I want 5 pictures of you hurting like that for me. Make them good. I want to see your tits stretched, whore. When can I have them?”

“Now, now,” I cried. “Can I take them off after the picures?” I prayed.

“You may. I’m going to go do some work. I’ll come back for you when I get my pictures.” I barely listened. I really just wanted to hurry up and go take the the dumb pictures so I could relieve my aching breasts.

But then he said, “I love you. You’re a good little whore.”

I couldn’t help it; I smiled a little.

I closed the chat camera window, still on the verge of tears, and got to work taking the 5 most painful pictures of my life. Tears stung at my eyes every time I lifted my head, feeling my breasts heavy on the chain in my mouth, grating against my teeth. I snapped away as quickly as possible. My nipples hurt so badly, stinging, burning. It was only by focusing on what I needed to get done, and how I was going to get to take those blasted torture devices off, that I was able to finish.

I opened my inbox to find this email from Daddy: I won’t be back, it turns out. So send me my pictures, take off the clamps, and cum like the whore you are. Good bitch.

I replied, attaching 5 pictures of me with the horrible chain in my mouth. They were rather ugly. My face was twisted in most of them. But I didn’t care. There was no way I was going to take extras and look for cute ones. (Usually, I take a whole batch of photos and pick my favorites to send him, but I didn’t bother with these. I took exactly 5, as he requested, and that was good enough. I also took two extras after I took the clamps off, of me holding my poor nipples in my hands, trying not to cry.) The pain overshadowed my vanity. I didn’t have any interest in making myself cute, I just wanted to be done.

My Daddy wanted me to share one of these photos with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as he did.


  1. You’ve found yourself a really hard man, haven’t you! I love the casual nature of his sadism. I can tell how happy you are.

    • He is a seriously interesting, sadistic, hard, loving, smart, handsome, brave, strong, absolutely exquisite man. I love him so so much.

  2. love your telling of events, as usual. i’ve found that looking back upon the evidence of events such as this, when i *felt* that i couldn’t possibly look any worse, the rawness and the breaking down shines through far more than any ugly could.

    • Yay JunkYardDoll! I feel honored to have you comment here 🙂 And, that’s a lovely bit of perspective. The pictures are less posed, polished or perfect, but more intimate, and more me. I like that very much. Thank you.

  3. Oh, oh, oh my, lg! I felt your pain just reading this. They look so painful. Maybe it’s because Sir/Logan is not a sadist, but I can’t imagine how I would be in this situation. I suspect that I would try to be as good a girl as I could be, and that my love of serving my Sir would far outweigh any pain or discomfort, but it would be so hard.

    I’ve been keeping up with your blog more and more recently, and I understand your dynamic with Daddy, but I have to ask a couple of things: is Daddy the first sadist you have ever been with and also, are there times where you feel like as much as you want to be good and obedient, that you physically can’t fathom doing any particular thing he asks you to do?

    Great post, and as painful as it looks, it is a pretty pic <3.



    • My Daddy isn’t the first sadist I’ve ever spent time with. My mentor is quite a sadist in his own right. I seem to find that darkness utterly irresistible. I’ve tried to imagine some kind of physical torment that my Daddy could ask of me that I wouldn’t be able to bear. I think definitely think there’s a point after which I’m unable to hurt myself (we’ll get there later in the series, you’ll see!) But if he were the one inflicting the pain, it’s hard for me to know at just what point I would break from it. It’s a scary thought, and I must admit, a compelling one.

      Thanks for the compliments, and for the comment! I’m glad you find the picture pretty, although I assure you the ugly part is cut out (my face).

  4. Wow! I cannot imagine enduring that kind of pain on my breasts! It just goes to show how much we submissives will do to please our Daddies.

    Even though it was ‘hurty,’ it obviously made him hard and extremely proud. It probably felt so wonderful to be so much for a man…especially after the clamps were OFF! (You endured all that for your Daddy). 🙂

    xo, M

    • Thanks, Missy. I think you hit the nail on the head… it was really only the fact that he enjoyed it so much that made it possible. I can’t imagine tolerating that sort of pain for any other reason (especially self-inflicted).

  5. amazing. and the picture truly is beautiful.

    i love that Daddy has started calling you “piglet”. it works on so many levels, but mostly, it’s just utterly endearing. i hope to borrow that someday!


    • Piglet is a very special pet name to both of us. I’m glad you enjoy it also.

      • borrowed it today. had to tell you. my S.O. started making little piggy sounds at me today, and i leapt at the chance to call her piglet. she loves it — says it’s her favorite winnie-the-pooh character… thank you! you’re too inspiring!

  6. Amazing. Can’t wait for the rest of the week.

  7. Wow. My nipples are tingling in anticipation and fear of something like this happening to me!

  8. You sure know how to unfold a story…the perfect mix of anticipation, eroticism, and timing….Wow!

    Beautiful breasts, btw 😉

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