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A Hurty Week, part 3

It wasn’t yet nine on Monday morning when said, “We’re going to hurt your tits again today.”

My stomach dropped.

“With the clamps?” I squeaked.

“With the clamps.”

“I’m nervous, Daddy.”

“Good,” he said. “A bitch should be nervous.”

“If you like,” I answered half-heartedly. I didn’t like being nervous about pain. I didn’t like it at all.

“See how hard my cock is?” he coaxed.

I sighed, “that’s nice. It doesn’t make the nerves go away. It doesn’t help the pain, but it makes me want to do it anyway.”

“Remember that in about an hour, piglet.”

“I’m so nervous.” I admitted

“It’s just pain. There are worse things than pain. And? It’s only Monday.”

“I know.”

He grinned

“I’m so glad you’re enjoying this,” I muttered. “That’s what’s important.”

“So is,” he replied cockily. “So, go put that pretty toy in your ass. And have everything else ready for me in an hour.”

“The clamps and the vibrator?” I confirmed.

“And, let’s add the ball gag. Then I don’t have to tell you to keep quiet.”

“Yes, Daddy. Do you want me to put my hair up?”

“I do. It looks cute like that.”

I smiled.

“See you in an hour,” he told me.

I signed off.

An hour later, I was sitting on the couch with my laptop. On the coffeetable in front of me, I had the ballgag, a little bottle of silicone lube, the nipple clamps, the hitachi, and a small tube of icy hot. The shiny njoy pure plug (Daddy’s 29th birthday present to me) was already tucked inside me. I love that plug, but it always starts out cold! It was warming to my body temperature, slowly. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail. I had a pair of pink cotton boyshorts with hearts on, along with a little tank top.

“Ok, piglet,” he started. “It’s time. Put in the gag.”

I grabbed the straps of the ballgag, and opened my mouth. After positioning the red rubber ball behind my teeth, I strapped the device closed behind my head, untucking the end of my ponytail.

“Now,” he directed. “The shirt.”

I lifted the cotton tank over my head. I didn’t have a bra on.

“Now, the clamps.”

I closed my eyes. The idea of the clamps right then was almost unbearable. I attached them anyway, sucking air rapidly through my nose while I did.

“You can make as much noise as you want today. I don’t care,” he said. “I just won’t be able to understand it. So scream or bitch or moan, it doesn’t matter.”

I nodded. The saliva was already beginning to pool in the well below my tongue. I suffered silently for a while, trying to be brave, and not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing me make garbled attempts at speech behind the ball.

“Awww,” he cooed. “You look so cute like that. Are you drooling?”

I nodded, blushing.

“What’s that?” he prodded.

Dropping my eyes, I tried to say something.


“Awwww.” His voice dripped, making my pussy thump against my panties. “You sound ridiculous. I have no idea what you’re saying. So. Put your hands behind your head, whore.”

I did.

“I love watching you hurt like this. It’s what you’re for. You know that?”

I gurgled.

“Take both clamps off. Now.”

I whimpered and foamed, spit running down my chin and onto my tits as I looked down, fumbling with the clamps.

“Adorable,” he replied.

I gave him my grumpiest look. I didn’t feel adorable. I felt hurty and irritated. I felt almost mad. I could hear him typing in the background, too. I hoped it was work, but I knew there was a possibility it was another girl. That thought hurt too much, so I pushed it away.

“Ready for the icy hot?” he asked.

I shook my head, grumbling uselessly into the ball gag.

“Put it on. Smear it on both nipples. Rub it in, and tell me where the pain is. 1-10.”

What’s bad? I asked.


3. I typed. I knew that was a low number, but I was trying to be honest.

“I want you to pinch your nipples, rub them. Tell me where the pain is.”

I typed, I hate the mean little tooth marks. I really hate the bite of those clamps. Those little spikes are horrible.

“Good. Now, I want you to take the vibrator and come for me in that position.”

I was sitting with my legs crossed on the couch. I felt lucky all of a sudden. Coming! Yay. It didn’t take long for the first orgasm to rip through me. I kept going, though. He hadn’t told me to stop. He checked in a few minutes later.

“How many?”

3. I typed.

He chuckled. “Turn it off. Now, I want you to fuck your ass with the plug so I can see.”

No more vibrator?

“No more.”

I sighed as I flipped onto my belly, tucking my knees under myself. I placed my left arm on the couch, for balance. I used my right hand to grasp the loop at the end of the plug and pull. The pure plug has a unique, curved shape that makes it easy to wear for longer than others I’ve had. But that same curve makes it a little tricky to move in and out. It sort of rolls softly. I struggled with it a little awkwardly for a while, but at least it was warm now. And the stimulation felt nice, even if the weight and shape of the plug made it less than ideal for fucking myself.

“Now, hold the vibrator against the base of that plug, and come five more times.”

“So you can see?”

“Actually, turn around.”

I turned and faced the camera. I bunched a pillow up and tucked it between my calves and my derriere, then propped the Hitachi on the cradle. This way, I could sit back on my knees, and control the pressure of the vibrator. I pressed my hands into the couch next to my thighs, and concentrated on getting off. It’s actually sort of hard for me to come this way. I like direct pressure and vibration on my clit. The lighter aftershocks coming from the plug weren’t nearly strong enough for my taste. But this was what he’d asked of me. I flipped my mind through some standard fantasies, but nothing stuck. Finally, I decided just to think about the situation I was in at that moment.

I was stuck on the couch in front of a camera, with a plug in my ass, and my Daddy watching me. And demanding I come 5 times for him. Orgasm number one built and crescendoed. Orgasm number two came hard, right on the tail of number one.

“You’re such a shameless fucking whore,” Daddy started in. “I love it. You’re my little fucktoy, aren’t you?”

Orgasm number three broke, and I shook with the impact.

“You’re my chubby little fucktoy. My plaything. My cumdump.”

I don’t even like the word ‘cumdump,’ but, orgasm number four did.

And then, I sort of stalled. A minute ticked by. The vibrations were there, unending, but I couldn’t find another orgasm.

“While we’re young, piglet,” he sounded almost irritated. “How many?”

4, I typed.

“I didn’t ask for four,” he said. “I asked for five.”

Aaaaand that did it. Orgasm number five came crashing through the gate. Drool slid down my chin. My arms and legs and chest and whole body shook from the force of it. It was a big one. I felt wrung out.

When I stopped convulsing, he told me to turn the vibe off, take out the plug, turn my ass toward the camera, and hold myself open for him.

“I want you exposed, open, and still. Like a dolly. Got it?”

“Yes, Daddy.”


  1. whew… I went on that ride with you.. difficult in moments, but intensely erotic. When he said, ” I want you to fuck your ass with the plug so I can see.ā€… I wanted to be there to see too. Such visceral detail throughout… beautifully painted.

  2. i think this was really intense. maybe because i know where the story goes next, it feels more intense in general than erotic in any way. keep telling us this story. the way you’re unfolding it is absolutely addicting.

  3. intense story. very hot. you’ve found a new fan. šŸ™‚

  4. You tell it in such a way that both doms and subs can enjoy it, the one siding with your implacable Daddy, urging him on to great cruelties, the other suffering in sympathy, enjoying the exquisite pain/pleasure at each turning of the screw.

  5. ā™€ keeps my NJoy in the fridge so it’s really cold when she inserts it. Once when it was a really hot day she put it in the freezer for awhile first. It was VERY intense

  6. Very hot! Thanks for sharing! šŸ˜‰

  7. Oh boy!

    “Yes, Daddy.”

    Such beautiful words….

  8. Thanks all! Oh, and sweatshopsissy? An njoy in the freezzer is about the meanest, most horrible thing I can imagine. COLD!!!

  9. Strange story, really increadible.

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