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Our Morning One Morning, part two

This is the second part of the story my Daddy and I are writing together. Part one is here. Please note: this section contains descriptions of non-consensual sex, and verbal and physical abuse. If those things offend or trigger you, please read elsewhere.

He didn’t let up. He spanked me over and over, hard. I started squealing, and at some point, the squeals turned to tears. Then sobs. Whimpering sobs that caught in my throat and made undignified sounds. And then, my head started feeling all drifty.

I felt his fist tighten in my hair.

“If you make one more fucking sound…” he threatened me, whispering in my ear. He didn’t have to complete the threat. We both knew how much worse he could make it if he chose. I closed my mouth. “Nobody cares if it hurts, whore.”

I bit my lower lip, and tried to stifle my protestations. Instead, I focused on the tears welling and spilling over from my eyes. It really hurt. I couldn’t believe he still had the energy to hit me, and that his hand wasn’t hurting yet. Over and over for what felt like a really long time, he struck me. Eventually, I just put my face into the mattress and tried to float away.

After however much longer, he stopped. I barely dared to breathe, turning my head to the side, and reminding myself not to cry out loud. I felt his legs brush the back of mine. My fingers curled into the bedding. He was going to fuck me like this. I tensed.

There’s something about the way I’m built that makes it hard for men to get inside me from behind. It doesn’t work, mostly, unless I’ve already been having sex in another position for a while first. I have to be really wet, and even then, the puffy outer lips of my cunt seem to get in the way. Unless I’m like, slippery wet on the outside, it’s not going to be easy.

Daddy knew this, of course. He also knew how to get inside me from behind in a way that was nice. He’d pull what he likes to call my “chubby girl pussy” apart. When he’d do that, it felt intimate and overwhelming. At least, that’s how he’d done it before, and even though it made my cheeks flush thinking about it now, I hoped for my sake he’d remember.

I realized he wasn’t going to make it nice when I felt his cock pressing against me, hard. Of course, if you push hard enough, and it’s going to go in. His cock burned and stung on the way. He pushed so hard, all this pressure built and I felt desperate to relieve it. I wiggled my hips and my legs, moving my feet apart, willing my body to split open, telling my pussy lips to get out of the way. But it felt like the harder he pushed, the more my body protested.

And then, with a stinging pop, he slammed inside me. Instead of pressure building against me, now there was movement. Now there was banging and searing as my body tried to open more, lubricate more, be ready.

I wasn’t ready.

And he was hard, really hard. I could feel him throbbing and hot. He pushed his hands into the back of my neck.

I didn’t wiggle anymore. I just stood still, bent over the edge of the bed while he pounded all the way to the back of me. He hit my cervix, and it was uncomfortable. It ached dully, sensitive in a not-nice way. I was forced open around him, and my cunt felt throbby and hot, burning like my bright pink ass. The spanking had been so painful, it hadn’t made me wet at all. I hurt. I hurt and I cried into the mattress, reminding myself to hold still and be quiet.

“Stupid whore,” he started. “Couldn’t even get dressed right.”

The words hurt. I was sniffling and red, a crying mess already. I felt like I couldn’t take this now, not on top of all of it.

“I shouldn’t expect you to do anything else, huh? You’re only good being a hole. Hmmmm?”

I shook underneath him. I felt small, dark. His disappointment is really hard on me.

“A fucking hole,” he repeated, as he raped me. “My little hole, can’t do anything else as well, can you, bitch?”

I didn’t think he really wanted an answer. His hands twisted, one in my hair, pulling my head back harder. One at my throat. I closed my eyes as my face arched back. I knew what I was. A mess. Red. Crying. Snot smeared beneath my nose.

“Not even a pretty hole at that. Not now.”

He dropped me. My face bounced against the bed, and my nose felt tender. I was grateful to have my raggedness hidden again. This was better. This was my place.

He didn’t fuck me for long. After a minute, maybe two, I could tell he was close to coming. He thrust inside me fiercely, then ground against my stinging ass for a few moments, one hand on the small of my back, giving himself leverage to push into me harder. I could tell he was coming by his breathing, and the way he was throbbing. Pushing so hard. And just as suddenly, he pulled himself out, and walked toward the door.

As his hands left my neck, I turned my head, looking for him.

“Don’t,” he said shortly.

I turned back to the mattress.

“Don’t move, little girl. Do you hear me? You’re going to stay just like that until I come and get you.”

I stayed still, throbbing. My cunt felt raw. My ass was a radiant bright pink, I could feel it. After a moment, I heard him walk back down the hall toward his office, and I closed my eyes, concentrating on staying still. Time passed, and there were tears pooling under my closed eyelids. My pussy kept pulsing, and eventually, I felt Daddy’s come starting to leak.

It slid down my inner thigh wetly, leaving a cold trail. I wanted to wipe at it, but I didn’t dare move.

I heard his footsteps coming back. I took a deep breath. He stopped right behind me, and I swore I could feel his eyes taking in the sight of my chubby red ass, and my spent, dripping cunt. He smacked my ass again. On the right. Hard. Then he ran his finger on the inside of my thigh, wiping at the mess he’d made. I knew what was coming. I parted my lips, softened my jaw.

He pressed his left hand into the bed near my shoulder, and loomed over me. I could feel the heat of his body, even through his clothes, even though he didn’t touch me anywhere the way he leaned. He pushed his fingers into my waiting mouth, wiping the come around my lips on his way out. He cleaned his fingers off on my face like it was a towel, swiping over my dry skin with his sticky fingers. I swallowed what he’d given me.

“Ok, stand up piglet.”

I closed my eyes, pressing my torso up with my hands. I stood wobbly-legged, and he wrapped me in his arms and pulled me against him. I was grateful, because I would have fallen over without him holding me up.

He loosened his grip on me, and stepped back. He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket, folded, and pressed it into my hand. His shopping list.

“Now, pull up your panties, straighten your skirt, and go to the store. You’re my good girl. Hurry back, ok? I want you to come sit with me.”

He kissed me, wiping the remaining tears off my cheeks. I couldn’t believe he’d send me out like this: obviously recently fucked. Dripping come. Red-eyed from crying.

Then again, that was my Daddy.


  1. just… wow.

  2. Giving her a good thrashing, making her feel real pain, way past what is sexy for her, is very hot. But the hottest thing of all is always rubbing her nose in her own humiliation. You express that so well.

  3. I don’t know what I love more, the description of being taken from behind when not ready (perfect to the last detail) or the disappointed Daddy talk during. Both were chilling and made for a perfect painful scene. I’m not a sadist, not one little bit, but damn…I’m throbbing.

  4. Holy Hell….can’t type anymore, my hands are getting busy.

  5. GREAT story, very inspiring!

  6. so powerful in the reveal of every delicious and difficult detail. Your writing moves and makes the reader feel all of it.

  7. Mmmm very hot, lg.

  8. […] Our Morning One Morning, part three Here is the third part of the story Daddy and I wrote together. Here’s where you can read parts one and two. […]

  9. it is very nice to let me know more about sex

  10. The story was awesome. BUT I think it could have been more arousing if there were more pictures and I’d the pictures were actually you your self. AND possibly a video

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