Posted by: littlegirlyone | November 7, 2010

I told him not to do it

Warning: this post contains a graphic description of non-consensual sex.

Based on a true story.

The light coming in through the cracks around the windowshade told me it was late. Or rather, early. Very early morning, hours before the sun would start to think about climbing out of bed. Hours before I would normally be awake.

But I was, blearily, awake. My head was static-buzzy with the remnants of sleep. It took me longer than it should have to grasp why I was awake: Oh. He was awake.

He was not just awake, he was hungry. Behind me, sitting on my thighs. Pulling my panties to the side, and rubbing, pressing, pulling at the puffy outer lips of my cunt. He wanted in.

He moved, lifting his weight off of me and reaching toward the nightstand. I heard the plastic click of a cap, and had one lucid thought: lube. It felt cold, suddenly smeared against my hot skin. I wiggled my legs, trying to separate myself, to make it easier for him to get what he wanted. He pushed them back together, tightly. He left no space between the fleshy inner bits of my thigh and my tightly closed delta.

The unmistakable soft heat of his cock pushed against the steadily warming lube, against my now-slick puffy outer lips. He pushed harder, and beyond into the pink. Satisfied, he laid against my back, filling me while I writhed, my chubby, cotton-covered ass wiggling against his pubic bone. I lay there, feeling the weight of him, all his massive, manly, bigness pinning me between his hot, hungry body and the mattress.

His hand tangled in the short mop of my babyfine hair. His stubbled roughness scratched against the sweet skin of my neck. It was like striking a match. Friction. Heat. My skin stood up, every follicle on fire.

“Tell me it hurts,” he growled against my ear.

“Mmmmm, it hurts, Daddy,” I confessed. My voice was small, muffled by the bedding and the hour.

Hands grabbed at me. It felt like there were 10 of them, all at once claiming my hair, my ass, my panties, my cunt, my shoulders, pinning me down, pulling me up. He thrust himself into me, grinding against my flesh, while I chanted in a small, sleepy, soft voice that it hurt. Like a mantra.

“Oh, it hurts, oh, oh, Daddy. Please. It hurts. Oh. Oh. Oh. Ow. Ow. Ow. Owie”

My voice broke a little and I begged him to stop. That last word was so much like a child’s that it flicked at something tender inside me.

“Please don’t. Please, please stop, Daddy. Please.” I started gently crying, shaking with passion and emotion.

“You don’t like it?”

“No, Daddy. It’s bad, and it hurts. Oh, owie,” I shuddered as he fucked himself inside me again.

I begged, and shook my head “no” over and over. I imagined what I must look like from his angle: a fleshy little pillow to grind against in the middle of the night. I felt my head and my mouth saying “no, no, no.”

But he kept going. Taking. Using. Grinding against what I had given. I could tell when he was winding up towards his finish. He took more, fiercer. I cried harder, begged louder.

“No, don’t come, Daddy. Please. No. Don’t.”

I begged him not to do it, but he didn’t listen.

He came, growling.

Then he smoothed my panties back over my ass, and flopped next to me in the dark.

“I love you, piglet,” he promised sleepily. “You’re a good girl. Come sleep where I can hold you.”

I scooted up folding my body into his, and did exactly that. Throbbing, warm, wrapped in his body, and filled with his come.


  1. mmmm, sizzling.

  2. I don’t know how non-consensual that is, lol. But good story.

  3. So damn hot! Absolutely loved it. Your Daddy is one lucky man.

  4. Wow. Love it when my little girl tells me it hurts. Love to hurt her with my Big Boy.

  5. Mmmmmmm….I wish I had someone I could tell to, Not Do it to Me. Like…right now.

  6. Yummies!! Now I wanna read this one for my blog lol 😉

  7. Damn that’s hot…

  8. I am addicted to your blog. Yours and Rori’s are so addicting it’s not even funny. You’re amazing.

  9. Well, sritten. I’ve just discovered your blog and think that I’ll be a regular.

  10. I miss your blog, beautiful!

  11. I just wanted to tell you, I read this story of yours a while ago and fell in love with it. So so hot. I showed it to my partner/Daddy/Dom and told him how much I loved it, and today out of nowhere he reenacted it. And again, so so SO hot. So thank you for inspiring him =]

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