about the littlegirlyone


I’m so flattered that you’re interested enough in little ol’ me to be on this page. I’m a 29-year old switch-y girl. (I mostly take the submissive role, but I’m coming into my baby domme side more and more every day). I’m short and curvy, with light brown hair and eyes, and a wicked oral fixation.

I’ve been kinky as long as I’ve had a sex drive, and always identified as a little girl. When I was younger, I struggled with feeling like a twisted perv for wanting to call my lovers Daddy, and for the way being patronized and embarrassed turned me on. It’s been a long road, but I’m finally at a pretty confident, shameless place with these desires.

Although I have a strong connection to the Daddy/little girl dynamic, I also have a very fluid sexuality. What I mean is there’s not much that I don’t get off on, or couldn’t get off on with the right encouragement. I think of Daddy/little girl as my home base, but in the three years I’ve been active in the bdsm blogosphere, my turn-ons have expanded from my original short list (schoolgirls, pigtails and men over 40) to include bondage, forced orgasms, ass play, enemas, spanking, orgasm control, feet, shoes, latex, corsets, stockings, garters, panties, redheads (hi, Meg!), training, crying, pain, humiliation…and I could keep going. I probably wouldn’t have said I was “into” anything on that long list 5-years ago, but passionate conversations with my fellow kinksters have led me down this path of depravity. Now I’m one dirty little girl. (If you’re really interested in the myriad things that get me off, I invite you to check out my tumblr, where I post (almost) daily images, with some kind of description, story, or explanation about why they make me twitch.)

I write about sex, personal growth, and pleasure. You’re likely to find a good mix of self-analysis, erotica, advice, real-life D/s accounts, and lots and lots of emotions. Because for me, it’s all about how things make me feel, and most things make me feel a lot. It’s not all weepy emo all the time. I have a very passionate temperment, and I get aroused, angry and downright joyful at equal turns.

I always welcome questions, comments, and anyone seeking to understand bdsm better. But if you’re here to debate whether kink is psychologically damaging, please read this first.

If you’d like the password to access the protected posts, you need to email me. If we haven’t corresponded before, I want to know enough about you to make me comfortable sharing personal details. Don’t feel badly if you want to keep your privacy, though; most of this blog is accessible to the public without a password.

An update about email: I am flattered and overwhelmed by the glowing fan emails that I receive. If you don’t hear back from me right away, please be patient. I always write back, but sometimes I have a bunch of people in front of you. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to littlegirlyland. I hope you enjoy what you find.


  1. I like the password to acces the protected post.
    Iam a 57 year old man, I am sadistic like so mucho submissive girls with a litte bit of masochism. I like your blog so much. You area a good girl.

    • thanks manuel! please email me (link on the top right) with some personal information about yourself (like where you live, what you do, etc.) that’s the only way to get yourself in to my secret spaces 🙂

  2. Beautiful site, i would like to explore it more and to learn about this little one.

    • Thanks, Tony. And welcome! Explore away 🙂

  3. New to your site – but I like what I see so far. I am a career firefighter by day and I warp young minds as a college professor at night. I like to think that I aid in the exploration of the truth(s) – whatever one holds them to be. I do NOT believe that I am THE holder of Truth (nor is anyone esle for that matter); therefore we must all participate to co-construct knowledge and create synergy. When a student starts to feel uncomfortable in his/her existing paradigm that means s/he is growing as a scholar. My desire is that all of my students feel the joy of discomfort from time to time.
    So that is a round-about way of saying – you have tapped into my fairly solid sexual paradigm and shaken it up…so hang on to your butt! Cause I feel some personal growth comin my way. (BTW – I’m 48, workin on a PhD…and still learning something new everyday!)
    Thanks for the window…

    • Jeff.

      Thank you for one of the best comments I’ve ever received from a new reader. Welcome, and please enjoy that feeling of being shaken. Personal growth is a passion of mine, and D/s is just one way I’ve found to push myself, or maybe as you would say, shake myself.

      Please write any time, and again, warmest welcome 🙂

  4. Enjoying what I’ve read so far, you’ve got yourself a new reader… x

  5. Hi, I am a soldier in the U.S. Army… Wow!, it’s the only word I can think of when I look at this site… If only I could meet a girl like you. Keep on writing, I will keep reading, thats for sure. Could you send some friends my ways?

  6. Hi LittleGirl,

    Just willing to say that i hope you are all right!

  7. Hi hi hi. I somehow (luckily) stumbled across this wonderful gem of yours. I too am in a Daddy/little girl relationship. Some of your posts seem as if they were taken directly out of my head and put here for all to see (particularly the one about jealousy, feelings on your Daddy’s appetite for others, and also being poly! It’s comforting to know I’m not the only with this strange, almost paradoxical, way of thinking!

    You write so beautifully. I’m looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and adventures.

  8. Its so wonderfully empowering and enobling to hear a person with such intelligence reveal her inner self and it lights up the world.Sexuality is a powerful thing!

  9. Love your site, your thoughts and your wild collection of kinks and turn-ons – they make a beautifully detailed and erotically charged mosaic 😉 I love the fact that so many kinky people are (like you) so articulate about this aspect of their lives. I have been kinky since I was 6 years old (I’m 46 now) and I have yet to work out whether there is some innate connection or if we have all been forced to be more thoughtful because of the questions our lives raise. Whatever, you’re clearly both lovely and very smart, and finding your site made my morning!

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